• Heyyyy Gurl, Heyyyyy! Let me just say that this project was a bit challenging and …
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  • Because I am goofy and decided that I would start doing ghetto cooking dishes and …
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  • Wheter it be Chanel or Louis Vuittion these monogram denim jeans are trending. Check out …
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  • Heyyyyy Gurlll, Heyyyy! I am a strong advocate of creating a closet full of functional …
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  • Bungee Heels DIY

    Bungee Heels DIY

    Chain Bra DIY/Giveaway

    For the longest, I was insecure about my weight. I didn’t want anyone taking pictures of me because it showed every inch of my body that I hated.

    Not to mention, I have always been careful about who I shared my business with. I would literally write in a diary before I spilled my personal tea. Until one day, I realized the gift of transparency and my size meant nothing! Sooooo, I am here shameless, bold, and transparent.

    I am serving a daily dose of fashion, a little tea and adventure.

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