Creative Girl Hang Out

This past Saturday all the creatives joined together for a festive event hosted by Jan’ee Barbre!

Amongst the crowd of creatives was a mixture of bloggers, influencers, designers and fashion stylist.

The hangout was full of Creme of Nature Giveaways. As the crowd mingle and chatted with one another they enjoy some appetizers.

Something’s are better with visuals so check out my vlog but before you go I would like to say congratulations to Jan’ee Barbre on her new styling position with Creme OF Nature.You can find more about Jan’ee at

YSL inspired Boots

Hey guys, I know you all have seen the 10k YSL Boots. I loved them but let’s be honest my taste is more than my finances right so that was a No go! However, I decided that I could do my own version of the Boots. I did and it took me four months! 😔 sigh! Between running out of the gems and having to order more or running out of glue an easy project became a four-month TASK! It was worth it! Below you will find step by step ways to create your very own!

Things you will need: 
E6000 clear glue tubes
7 1440 gem packs in size 16


metallic boots

Step 1: Lay the boots flat

2: apply glue to the boots in your desired location. I started at the bottom doing row by row and worked my way to the top of the boot.

Step 3: put some glue on the end of your stencil

Step 4: Apply gems to the boots

Check out my youtube tutorial:

Finish product


Jacksonville Magazine’s Fashion Project

For years Jacksonville Magazine has hosted a fashion project. I’ve had the honor to participate in two them and I was excited to see all of the teams and help backstage for the 2018 fashion show. Each year has gotten better and better!  Many of the designers showcased their work from all over. My favorite part is there were a lot of African American designers showcasing in this year’s project.

Although, I am a Jacksonville native my heart is in New York during fashion week. Tonight, felt like home for me as a lover of fashion, I truly enjoyed every designer that showcased. The setup was AMAZING! This event was held at WJCT, who would’ve thought that a broadcasting studio could turn into a runway show!

The fashion project is an event that takes place once a year that allows models the opportunity to grace the front page of Jacksonville Magazine as well as get a full spread. Tonight, 25 models competed in hopes of winning the grand prize. The designers were also competing to win the grand prize as the winning designer.

Enough of my ranting here are some highlights from tonight’s show:

Winning Designer: Kathleen Balbona

JMFP18 winner is Danielle!

Jacksonville’s Magazine Fashion Project Winner: Danielle

More Highlights:


Overcoming Betrayal


Over these past few months, I have been gathering my emotions back together. I experienced a season that was hard. I wanted revenge, I wanted to be spiteful and to be quite honest I wasn’t stopping until I received my justice. I am pretty sure I can relate to Taraji in Acrimony. Although my situation wasn’t the same as hers because let’s be clear I wouldn’t have blown my money on that NI****; that’s another rant for a later time. In my case, it was the betrayal of a family member that tried to sabotage my family.

I am really known for turning the other cheek but the disrespect and the nonchalant attitude is what did it for me. I won’t be going into details because I am at peace. However, I figured it would be great to discuss how to overcome betrayal. Let’s be clear when someone close to you betrays you; it’s not a walk in the park. You’re not sweet, you’re not kind and sometimes you say or do things out of anger. People will paint a pretty picture and make you believe that’s something wrong with you for retaliating but the truth is we are all humans who have feelings.

I had sunk to a sunken place that I wasn’t trying to hear nothing. The only thing that made me come down is God. He woke me out of my sleep from a horrible dream and was like if you don’t stop this will be the outcome. I wasn’t giving him the time to validate me. I wasn’t allowing him to be God in my life; when it comes to every situation in my life. Which made me look as if I didn’t trust him. I honestly do but in this case, I wanted revenge and therefore, only he could’ve gotten my attention. I know it’s other people out there that are dealing with this or have dealt with this and haven’t healed. Sharing is caring so here are some tips to overcome betrayal:

  1. Pray, Pray and PRAY! even if you don’t feel like it or you are too angry…My nanny has always taught me to call on JESUS; when I don’t have the right words or I don’t have enough strength to pray. I spent days crying and calling on him.
  2. Separate from the noise! Stop giving life to the situation. Stop telling your friends. Stop talking about it! Just stop feeding it. Nothing can grow if you kill it before it can.
  3. Refocus! The enemy only sends stumbling blocks like setbacks or betrayal to get you so caught up in the problem that you lose sight of what really matters.
  4. Have fun! get out and do something that you enjoy!
  5. Did I forget to mention to pray
  6. Have positive people around you that care about you and don’t want to see you fall

As the days go by the sting will leave and the reason you’ve mad won’t even matter! More importantly, forgive them and let it go! Your heart doesn’t need to be contaminated with bitterness, hatred or rage! Those are blessing blockers! Go get everything God has called for you to get!

🙂 Johnakeshia

6 Showstopping Mother’s Day Gifts

Are you tired of the boring mother’s day flowers or cards? Your mom is secretly wishing that you give her something that she can actually use. So why not give her a fashion makeover? Give her some of these show-stopping handpicked pieces this holiday.


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Grab one of these items and make your mom’s heart melt this Mother’s Day!

Metgala 2018 Recap

The Met gala is the biggest night in fashion. Many celebrities prepare for this night in advance because this is the time they can really be creative and show off their costume. This years theme was “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.”

As usual some celebrities stormed those stairs looking basic AF! While others gave us the life we have been waiting on. Here are my top best dressed:

Zendaya went as Joan of Arc and is wearing Versace, Jimmy Choo and Tiffany and Co. I would like to say she was favorite!

Blake Lively looks stunning in this Versace gown!

Dear Rihanna, can you really do any wrong? I thinks NOT!! She stunned us in this hand beaded John Galliano ensemble. “It will be a sin not to wear it.”-Rihanna

Arianna Grande looks angelic in this lovely Vera Wang gown! Who ever said you couldn’t wear art is a lie; she is wearing Michael Angelo’s Last judgement art.

Cardi B is wearing a custom Moschino gown! Cardi B is proving to the world that she is indeed a house hold name!

If you’re going to be a nun, you might as well be a fly one! Lily J Collins has been a fave of mine for a few years. She is the quiet storm that nobody sees she is wearing Givenchy.

Now I will say there were others who looked great. However, I was only a fan of pieces of their looks.

My worst dressed will go to Auntie Mary J Blige and Nicki Minaj. Yes, you read it right, Nicki! Please tell her to come back because I miss her!

Mutha Madonna is giving me witch vibes. Lol but I love her!

She is like Solange, you know they don’t care and is so secure in who they are so they do WTF they want!

This concludes my Met Gala recap!


Friendship Rocks

For years, I’ve heard about divine connections but never have I truly understood what that meant. You meet people and sometimes they walk out of your life but when it’s God ordained those people walk into your life to cultivate you, motivate you, and most of all encourage you. On Saturday, I had the honor to attend Friendship Rocks which was hosted by Katrina Nichol!

When I tell you that although I came to honor my best friend Maria.

Image By: Charity Weston Let me tell you about my BEST FRIEND
Image By: Charity Weston My Best friend Maria and I…BTW, we are rocking her lipstick line: red heaven.

I left with a newfound perspective of friendship. A room full of 30 to 40 women who celebrated the people that they love the most!

Image By: Charity Weston C’mon and Wobble Baby!

I’ve never understood women who say that don’t have female friends or can’t be friends with a woman because together we are powerful! We are beautiful, caring, funny and strength!

I witnessed strength and empowerment! I learned stories about amazing women that honor their friends or husbands. If you don’t have a female friend; I encourage you to check your heart and motives and find one! We are powerful in numbers! This event was beyond amazing and the love was so pure! I hate you missed it but….Here are some images from today:

Image By: Charity Weston A quick meet and greet game: The winner of the meet and greet…


A moment to pour into the person who helped us pour into others
Best friends pouring into each other
Love is No good until you give it away
We were greeted with mimosas and smiles!

Next Year, I am bringing all of my besties and so should you! It’s really worth the experience and amazing to make the ones you love to smile or cry(happy tears).


Summer faves:Kimono + Mules

I have this obsession with kimono’s and mules! Therefore, it was no surprise that when the sun came out, so did my Kimono. Today, I decided to rock my pretty pieces kimono and mules.

The kimono has become my go-to attire because it hides my unlikable areas. I am sure every woman has something on them that they dislike and for me, it’s my breast and somedays my arms.

Therefore, I layer up to disguise it and it works like magic… Check out my summer look for today

Kimono: Pretty Pieces

Mules: Rainbow

Shades: Rainbow

Watch: Rainbow

Jeans: Marshalls

Earrings: Walmart

Image by: Maria Davis