Creative Girl Hang Out

This past Saturday all the creatives joined together for a festive event hosted by Jan’ee Barbre!

Amongst the crowd of creatives was a mixture of bloggers, influencers, designers and fashion stylist.

The hangout was full of Creme of Nature Giveaways. As the crowd mingle and chatted with one another they enjoy some appetizers.

Something’s are better with visuals so check out my vlog but before you go I would like to say congratulations to Jan’ee Barbre on her new styling position with Creme OF Nature.You can find more about Jan’ee at

YSL inspired Boots

Hey guys, I know you all have seen the 10k YSL Boots. I loved them but let’s be honest my taste is more than my finances right so that was a No go! However, I decided that I could do my own version of the Boots. I did and it took me four months! 😔 sigh! Between running out of the gems and having to order more or running out of glue an easy project became a four-month TASK! It was worth it! Below you will find step by step ways to create your very own!

Things you will need: 
E6000 clear glue tubes
7 1440 gem packs in size 16


metallic boots

Step 1: Lay the boots flat

2: apply glue to the boots in your desired location. I started at the bottom doing row by row and worked my way to the top of the boot.

Step 3: put some glue on the end of your stencil

Step 4: Apply gems to the boots

Check out my youtube tutorial:

Finish product


One Dress styled three ways plus a dose of lashes!

A great closet is one that consists of items that can be paired in more than one way. These items are known as staple pieces. ( shameless plug: look out for my ebook for more in-depth staple pieces.)

A while back, I bought a polka dot DKNY dress from the thrift store. Although it’s a classic DKNY dress, I had to throw my own touch of edge to it with the help of my style buddy Eb Wilds!

Check it out below:

Accessories will make or break an outfit! I mean most people are not aware that the final look is based on hair, makeup, shoes, jewelry and the list can go on. Even though it sounds complex it’s really not.  I decided that a soft glam look would be perfect for this look so I doused my face (I have yet to master the beating face part, lol) and completed the look with a pair of mink lashes from the Private Label Extensions called Ella and a red lip from Ravishing Beauty.

In my opinion, fashion is all about PERSONALITY! Honey, you wear the clothes so make them fit your personality and that’s how you create style.

For look # 1.


I decided to pair it with a jean skirt and a pop of color. I am a lover of texture so I played it metallics to go along with the polka dots.

Outfit details:  *shop here*

Shoes, headband: Rainbow

Skirt: Ross

Ring: Kay’s Jewelry

Lashes: Private Label Extensions

Lipstick: Ravishing Beauty


Look #2

For look # 2, I decided to highlight my strength, rebellion 😦 and tenacity but still make it sexy. Therefore, I went with a tomboy chic look.

Boots: Forever 21

Shorts: Marshall’s

Earrings: Wally World (lead-free)

Rings: everywhere

Bracelet: Pandora

Bandanna: Walmart

Lipstick: Ravishing Beauty

Look # 3


Something’s is better worn effortless. Look Number #3 is perfect for work, church, business meetings or a night out.

Purse: Rainbow

Shoes: Just Fab

Earrings: Porsche Lux

Bracelet: Tiffany and co

I loved the Ella mink lashes so much that I had to wear them again!  Thank you Private Label Extensions. 🙂


Surprise Destination Trip

It has always been on my bucket list to get in the car and drive until I feel like I can’t drive anymore and stop in a city that I’ve never been. Last month a good friend asked me to join her on an inspirational road trip. She asked me if I was cool with surprises or if I wanted to know. Last month was also a rough month for me; due to my uncle being murdered. I desperately needed a getaway and besides the fact that I am weird, lol! I went with the surprising option!  I didn’t ask any questions; although, I was wondering what I should pack. I have a golden rule that if you don’t know how to dress for an occasion be fashionable and extra!

It’s a good thing I used that golden rule because we ended up in Charlotte, NC. Charlotte was really nice on Friday night we went to a silent disco party which was fun. However, the highlight of the trip was the fact that I saw Oscar De La Renta collection in person! Now I’m a lover of Alexander Wang and Oscar at heart! I love Oscar De La Renta because his designs have a way of making a woman feel like a woman but still own a room. This post would’ve been entirely too long so I will do another one to break down my extra wardrobe choices.

Here are some highlights from the trip:

Check out my Vlog on this trip:

D.I.Y Gem Turban

Everyone loves a good headpiece. I recently saw another beauty influencer by the name of Janee Barbre rock a similar headband at Essence festival. Let’s just say, I saw it and immediately fell in love but it was sold out. 🙃🙁 but no worries, I found away to make it!

Of course, I had to let y’all know how I accomplished this look. Here is what you’ll need:

-Turban (hair store)

Gems- (Wally world)

Hot glue gun

Mannequin head (hair store)

Sewing pins

Let’s get into it!

First you want to secure the turban on the mannequin head with the pins.

Next, you’ll pick out the color gems you want on your turban

And then you’ll begin to glue them on!

Let’s just say this cute DIY will make anything in your wardrobe go pop!

Check out my video:

FNTM, D2R Filmz,and GS presents Model Mansion


1. Who’s Leamber and why do we need to know her? LeAmber is the owner of Florida’s Next Top Model. She is a professional model developer. She meets models in their raw state and helps them grow into something worth booking!


2. What is your background and where did you get your start in business from?

Fresh out of high school I went to cosmetology school and graduated but did not obtain my license. So I was working in a hair salon as an assistant. Helped out with hair at this fashion show and realized I paid more attention to the models rather their hair. I went home I started brainstorming on what I could do to bring something different to Jax that wasn’t of the norm. At that moment Florida’s Next Top model was born. My business background comes from my father. He owned a Security Company that made hundreds of thousands for 23 years. So I’ve always known I wanted my own like my father

3. What’s the inspiration behind model mansion and how did you come up with the theme? The Inspiration came from America’s Next Top Model I’ve always wanted to have my models in a house and shoot with different challenges. It’s an experience for them, but also for the team and I.


4. What information can the model’s expect to gain from the model mansion?

Constructive Activities – 2 Swimwear shoots – Commercial Directed by LeAmber J. Stephens – How to be a professional model – Learn basic Model Etiquette on & off set – What is your brand? What’s your category? – How to sustain as an independent model until you are signed! – How to increase bookings Fun Activities – Model 101 – Pool Party – Snap Chat Session – Meet & Greet


5. Tell us why this event is the place to be?

The event is the place to be because this is an experience as a model you won’t forget! Networking and Working with a professional team like us not only will you leave with the great knowledge you will leave With confidence, hope and the best fun of your life!

6. Will the models really be living in a mansion?

The Model Mansion is not a real Mansion however it’s a really really big house.

Where will this event be located? It’s located in Orlando, Florida

7. How often will Model Mansion be held?

The Model Mansion is expected to be held once every 3-4 months.

8. What’s the number one thing that you hope that your team and those who have invested in this weekend will take away from this experience?

Honestly overall A GOOD TIME!

9. What advice would you give an aspiring model that would like to come to model mansion but isn’t quite sure?

You have to start somewhere. In order to become what you want you must sacrifice and invest. The Model Mansion is an experience that is vital to your future. The teachings, networking, photo shoots, and the direction you will get will be worth your money and worth your time.

10. Last but not least; how can a model pay to be a part of this event? Are you still accepting models? We have 1 spot left for The Model Mansion

Grab this last spot for the model mansion or catch my highlights from it, but some things are worth the experiencing. Until next time, I am Johnakeshia and as always I keep you up to date on the latest.

Canadian Tuxedo OOTD

Life will leave you uncertain, heartbroken, revengeful, and disappointed. However, despite all of the pain that is felt in this image. It’s up to me to push through all over it. My heart is broken but my friend launched her lipstick line by the name of red heaven. She needed me to be a brand ambassador for her company so I threw on some denim to make her shades of red POP!

Here are the details from the shoot:

Images: Maria Davis

Top: Ross

Denim pants: Charlotte Russe

Purse: Christian Siriano

Lipstick: Love Bite by Ravishing beauty

Rekindle Your Flame

This past week I came to New York to work with Full Figured Fashion Week. I will admit that I tried to get out of it. At first, I was excited that I was chosen to work with them despite the fact that I lived in Florida and the event would be held in New York. Life started throwing blows after another and I was literally fighting to stay afloat. It was too heavy so I had to confide in a few people.  To be honest, I needed their prayers. It’s easy to be surrounded by a room full of people and nobody can see or feel your sorrows.  This has been a skill that I have learned over the years to mask. I am so good at it to the point it becomes too heavy until I have to tell someone something.  So here I am trying to put together a puzzle that I have no clue where the pieces are. I tried to back out of coming to New York but I kept receiving emails until the last day that was due for me to confirm that I could make it after I had already confirmed that I wouldn’t be attending.  I figured that this trip was what I needed so I changed my mind and decided that I wouldn’t share about this trip.

I have no issues with getting in the room with anyone that I deem to be successful. However, it feels like when I get in the room, it doesn’t go any further because I shared things too soon with people who could really careless… Just for a couple superficial likes. I have nothing to prove! I owe it to myself to see the dreams unfold! I won’t discuss the details of this trip but it was the fuel that I needed to light a dimming flame. What do you do when your flame is dimming…find others whose flame is lit and find inspiration to rekindle your own flame.

My close friends and family are witnessing a miracle firsthand and don’t even know it. When God decided it’s time to move in my life and open major doors in my life, please understand it was not me at all. A part of me feels like I am chasing a dream that’s superficial and the other part is too passionate to give up.

This week has made me check myself; It reminded me of who I am and more importantly whose I am. Sometimes, I become timid like I am not GREAT! Not to be cocky but my skills will always speak for itself. It reminded me that if another black woman can do it then who am I that I can’ t! It also reminded me that my access has been granted and that I can get in the room, so I need to take ownership of it.

I hope this long post reminds someone to pick up every dream and go after it full force! Take ownership of your dreams and walk in the Godfidence that God has given you! He won’t lead you wrong or let you fall!

Jacksonville Magazine’s Fashion Project

For years Jacksonville Magazine has hosted a fashion project. I’ve had the honor to participate in two them and I was excited to see all of the teams and help backstage for the 2018 fashion show. Each year has gotten better and better!  Many of the designers showcased their work from all over. My favorite part is there were a lot of African American designers showcasing in this year’s project.

Although, I am a Jacksonville native my heart is in New York during fashion week. Tonight, felt like home for me as a lover of fashion, I truly enjoyed every designer that showcased. The setup was AMAZING! This event was held at WJCT, who would’ve thought that a broadcasting studio could turn into a runway show!

The fashion project is an event that takes place once a year that allows models the opportunity to grace the front page of Jacksonville Magazine as well as get a full spread. Tonight, 25 models competed in hopes of winning the grand prize. The designers were also competing to win the grand prize as the winning designer.

Enough of my ranting here are some highlights from tonight’s show:

Winning Designer: Kathleen Balbona

JMFP18 winner is Danielle!

Jacksonville’s Magazine Fashion Project Winner: Danielle

More Highlights: