Get to Know Me

Hey Gurllllllll!
My name is Johnakeshia, and I am from Jacksonville, FL. I am 32-years-old, I don’t have any kids, and I have never been married. Although I would love kids and be married, I am still doing me. LOL, whatever that means, I have a cut off time that says if I don’t have kids before 35 then I won’t have any. If I so happen to become Oprah Rich than I won’t get married. LOL crazy, I know! I love Jesus, but I am his problem child!
I FINALLY graduate from college at 31 years old!  clearly, God thinks that I’m proof that it doesn’t matter when you start but how you finish. Yes darling, I finished! My major was Journalism and I working towards relocating so that I can find a journalism job in the fashion or entertainment industry.
I started off as a fashion stylist and I became discouraged and tried quitting. However, I’ve changed my mind and I’m doing it all. I am very creative, and I like to create things out of the norm.
I remember a few photographers asking to do a photo shoot of me, but the truth is that I was gaining weight and I body shamed myself a lot. I wasn’t comfortable in my skin! I disliked my big breast because they made me look bigger. Well, I just hate having big breast.
I eventually decided that if I complain about my weight and did nothing about it than I would be stuck doing nothing. Dreaming of having a blog but not executing anything.
I have never been afraid to try anything! If I suck at it, then I would give it up or perfect my craft. However, this thing was personal, I had to learn to love myself and that included parts of my body that I hated.
I remember being a size 8 and thinking I was fat and now that I am a size 12, I am like what was I thinking!
Honey, I had to put away every notion that I was too big to take pictures or start a blog. Here I am doing what I love to do on my own terms!
I am living in my truth! I hope to inspire you to do the same! Life is too short, take a trip and have fun!

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