Surprise Destination Trip

It has always been on my bucket list to get in the car and drive until I feel like I can’t drive anymore and stop in a city that I’ve never been. Last month a good friend asked me to join her on an inspirational road trip. She asked me if I was cool with surprises or if I wanted to know. Last month was also a rough month for me; due to my uncle being murdered. I desperately needed a getaway and besides the fact that I am weird, lol! I went with the surprising option!  I didn’t ask any questions; although, I was wondering what I should pack. I have a golden rule that if you don’t know how to dress for an occasion be fashionable and extra!

It’s a good thing I used that golden rule because we ended up in Charlotte, NC. Charlotte was really nice on Friday night we went to a silent disco party which was fun. However, the highlight of the trip was the fact that I saw Oscar De La Renta collection in person! Now I’m a lover of Alexander Wang and Oscar at heart! I love Oscar De La Renta because his designs have a way of making a woman feel like a woman but still own a room. This post would’ve been entirely too long so I will do another one to break down my extra wardrobe choices.

Here are some highlights from the trip:

Check out my Vlog on this trip:


Jacksonville Magazine’s Fashion Project

For years Jacksonville Magazine has hosted a fashion project. I’ve had the honor to participate in two them and I was excited to see all of the teams and help backstage for the 2018 fashion show. Each year has gotten better and better!  Many of the designers showcased their work from all over. My favorite part is there were a lot of African American designers showcasing in this year’s project.

Although, I am a Jacksonville native my heart is in New York during fashion week. Tonight, felt like home for me as a lover of fashion, I truly enjoyed every designer that showcased. The setup was AMAZING! This event was held at WJCT, who would’ve thought that a broadcasting studio could turn into a runway show!

The fashion project is an event that takes place once a year that allows models the opportunity to grace the front page of Jacksonville Magazine as well as get a full spread. Tonight, 25 models competed in hopes of winning the grand prize. The designers were also competing to win the grand prize as the winning designer.

Enough of my ranting here are some highlights from tonight’s show:

Winning Designer: Kathleen Balbona

JMFP18 winner is Danielle!

Jacksonville’s Magazine Fashion Project Winner: Danielle

More Highlights:

Friendship Rocks

For years, I’ve heard about divine connections but never have I truly understood what that meant. You meet people and sometimes they walk out of your life but when it’s God ordained those people walk into your life to cultivate you, motivate you, and most of all encourage you. On Saturday, I had the honor to attend Friendship Rocks which was hosted by Katrina Nichol!

When I tell you that although I came to honor my best friend Maria.

Image By: Charity Weston Let me tell you about my BEST FRIEND
Image By: Charity Weston My Best friend Maria and I…BTW, we are rocking her lipstick line: red heaven.

I left with a newfound perspective of friendship. A room full of 30 to 40 women who celebrated the people that they love the most!

Image By: Charity Weston C’mon and Wobble Baby!

I’ve never understood women who say that don’t have female friends or can’t be friends with a woman because together we are powerful! We are beautiful, caring, funny and strength!

I witnessed strength and empowerment! I learned stories about amazing women that honor their friends or husbands. If you don’t have a female friend; I encourage you to check your heart and motives and find one! We are powerful in numbers! This event was beyond amazing and the love was so pure! I hate you missed it but….Here are some images from today:

Image By: Charity Weston A quick meet and greet game: The winner of the meet and greet…


A moment to pour into the person who helped us pour into others
Best friends pouring into each other
Love is No good until you give it away
We were greeted with mimosas and smiles!

Next Year, I am bringing all of my besties and so should you! It’s really worth the experience and amazing to make the ones you love to smile or cry(happy tears).


Spring into Fashion: Style Highlights Report!

Hey spies, I’m sure you’re wondering where the heck I’ve been! Welp, I’m still around, trying to get this degree darling! Over the weekend, I attended the Spring Into Fashion, the fashion show was presented by Bold and Classy Boutique it was held at the Crown Point Hotel by the airport.

Of course, I was rushing in to get a seat and totally missed the photo booth in the lobby! However, check out the male models acting up in the booth:

Here are some highlights that stole the night: My favorites were Rich Girl Boutique, Bold and Classy Boutique, The Band and The PLUS MODELS!!!

I never want anyone to feel as if I’m knocking them or hating so I won’t discredit anyone. It takes a lot to put a show together but because this is my platform I must share my honest opinion! I believe that this show would have been amazing if the venue was bigger and the long intermission wasn’t present. I dislike the fact that fashion shows serve food; I mean we are here for the FASHION so serve us FASHION!  I’ve been to several fashion shows from New York Fashion Week to Miami Swim-week and it’s certain things we lack in Jacksonville. Some of the models had really strong walks but some of their walks made me cringe. The show started and nobody knew it was starting.

I thought of ways to write this post without being negative but my report wouldn’t be done truthfully. The setup was extremely tight with barely any walking room because it was a SOLD-OUT show. I believe a bigger venue will be better for the next show because the support is there.The long intermissions between each segment were ok at first but I was ready to go by the end of the show. I would say that the host was funny as heck which made it a lot better. I enjoyed tunes from the band and segments in the show.

Well until next time I am Johnakeshia and this concludes my style spy report!

Black Panther: 10 Valuable lessons

Like many, the anticipation level for the release of Black Panther was at an all-time high. This is a pivotal time in the African American history that we as a culture needed to experience. For some, this was just another superhero movie but to the African American community, this is the beginning of a revolution. A revolution that revives our community to DREAM big and fight for what’s ours. Black panther taught us 10 key points to revive our community which is listed below.


All around the world we showed up at the box office dressed in our finest African and black attire. When black people show up, we most definitely show out! This movie has brought so much unity and who doesn’t love that. It’s a prime example of how we can unite and like many, you can join forces or go against the grain.

2.Protect your own

The movie taught us that we should always protect our own before helping out someone else. That goes for family, friends, or the African American community. We should always look out for our own first.

3. Nobody wins when the family feuds

Image Retrieved from

In the words of Jay-Z ” Nobody wins when the family feuds” this can apply to the movie as well. It taught us life lessons about working together and uniting with one another. When you don’t it brings chaos!

4. A friend stick closer than a brother

Every now again someone will come into your life that’s not blood-related and will have your best interest at heart. Sometimes your own bloodline will betray you but it’s always a friend that will be by your side no matter what!


The movie taught us that things are never what they appear to be. You’ll find out that if you judge someone or something based on appearance it will indeed prove you wrong.

6.Watch the People in your camp

This lesson was illustrated throughout the movie and can indeed apply to our personal lives. A wise person, once said that everyone who says they’re  your friend isn’t a friend. Be wise and take inventory of who you involve yourself in every relationship.

7. Be careful how you treat people because you never know who you might need

There is an old saying that says ” Treat people how you want to be treated because you just might need that person again.” It’s funny how your enemy might be the person to save your life! Apply this golden rule if you take nothing from the movie, remember this one.

8.Aint nothing like a mama’s love

The movie taught us the power of a mother. If your mom has your back then that’s all you really need because she will go to bat for you, when nobody else will.

9.Sometimes you’ve to right all the wrongs

Sometimes in life like the movie you’ll find yourself paying for issues that you didn’t create. However, it’s up to you to fix the circumstances and right the wrongs of your forefathers.

10. The power of a black woman

If you’ve ever been confused about the power of a BLACK WOMAN than the movie illustrated the perfect example. It showcased the proper order of a black woman and many strengths and weaknesses that she might have. Nevertheless, it left you feeling empowered to be not just a woman but a BLACK woman! Black women are Gold, strength and the neck of any man! We build them up so that they can function and without us they’re weak! The black woman is STRENGTH.

If you’ve watched the movie and it didn’t leave you feeling like “Black is the thing to be” then perhaps you should go back and look for those above nuggets!

Signed Johnakeshia

Creative Girl Hang Out

This past Saturday all the creatives joined together for a festive event hosted by Jan’ee Barbre!

Amongst the crowd of creatives was a mixture of bloggers, influencers, designers and fashion stylist.

The hangout was full of Creme of Nature Giveaways. As the crowd mingle and chatted with one another they enjoy some appetizers.

Something’s are better with visuals so check out my vlog but before you go I would like to say congratulations to Jan’ee Barbre on her new styling position with Creme OF Nature.You can find more about Jan’ee at

Girls Trip Review

Let's be honest, we all have that one friend that's Ryan Pierce, Sasha Franklin, Dina, and Lisa Cooper. I believe that's the beauty of the movie because every woman can relate to it.


On this past Saturday night, my girlfriends and I went to see the movie. I am sure every group of women that are friends did the same thing. As we were watching the movie I was able to recognize each character trait in my own friends. I have a couple of friends who have Dina's personality.  Dina is the friend who is real no matter what and could care less what anyone thinks of her. I have learned a lot from my friend who shall remain nameless but she knows who she is.  Haha, this is the friend who taught me how to perfect my oral skills. (Saints, judge your mama, not me) This is also the friend who spikes our drinks at all of our game nights. lol, I am thinking I am just having some juice or wine and it's spiked. Needless to say, that was a sleepover night.

Then, you've Lisa Cooper. Immediately, I look over to my friend and said that's you. She doesn't have the same storyline such as divorce with kids but she has the same mannerisms as Lisa. I would say that she is a little more feisty than Lisa. However, in the scene where Lisa knocks the girl out, well that was my friend.

My other friend is a mixture of Dina and Sasha. Lol, she is loud and blunt. She doesn't care what anyone thinks. As a matter of fact, she called herself straightening me at the movie because our seats were on the first row at the bottom. I mean I hate sitting there also but we didn't have a choice.I politely handed her a miniature bottle and told her to enjoy the movie.

Then, you've my cousin who is very over protective of me. Lol, so we all know that she can relate to Dina when she caused that scene in the hotel with Ryan's husband. Yep, that's my cousin! Lol, she has also caused a few scenes with different men in my life. The last one well that's another blog for a later time.

At first, my friends tried to say that I am Sasha Franklin but I disagree. I know the blogging career is what they based it off. So as the movie continued on they saw some of Ryan in me.However, as my cousin would say I am not like that about a man because I would've been left. I can relate to Ryan because like most women, we will try and save a marriage or a relationship. I have become immune to putting on a good face for the world. I believe that every woman has a little bit of Ryan in them; at least my friends do.

Overall, I enjoyed my Saturday night with my best friends.The flossy posse reminded each of us of our group name which was the whore bags.

I am sure they're going to kill me for these throwback pictures but it's cool.

Meet the Whore bags, lol grrr, don't kill me saints! lol

I create some of the best memories with them.

P.S. It's some people who know the real you and no matter how much you try to front, they know the truth. Those people are my best friends aka. the whore bags.