Essa Mohamoud: Visual Artist/ Sculpter

On Wednesday night Nike showcased their Fall/Winter line for 2018. Like many other designers and brands that use fashion to voice their opinions on world issues. Nike didn’t fall short of it as well. The vision behind the line was changing the face of what we deem as normal in sports, culture, and style! Nike paired up with a visual artist by the name of Essa Mohamoud from Toronto. Mohamoud has raised awareness for equality in everyday life by turning NBA jerseys into ball gowns.All images retrieved from artist Instagram on 2/9/18 by Johnakeshia

The 25-Year-Old Artist wrote on her Instagram:

” PSA: Equality isn’t selective. if we want to be treated equal, we need to treat everyone equal. to the countless number of angry, insecure, homophobic trolls attacking me on twitter, get real with yourself. 

  1. No garment can “make ” someone gay, You’re born gay.
  2. Basketball (and athleticism) isn’t just for heterosexual men, it’s for everyone.
  3. you’re being selectively homophobic if you think a gay man can’t play basketball when you don’t have a problem with lesbians who play in the WNBA.
  4. this isn’t just about putting a man in a dress, this is about the inequality of gender in regards to representation at large in athleticism.                                           We need to do better, it’s 2017. if you’re offended or bothered by the work, that says something about your own insecurities. I hope you take the time to reflect upon your own views and progress towards a healthy understanding of difference and equality. if you don’t and you’re still mad, all I have to say is stay mad baby.”

There is no surprise that Nike paired up with Essa Mohamoud. Here is a glance from the show. I’m not going to lie my first response was WTH but that’s art it can sometimes be viewed wrong depending on the perception of the viewer. After I did some research I understood the concept more in depth.

All Images retrieved from artist Instagram on 2/9/18 by Johnakeshia

You can view more of the artist work at

Instagram: thequeenthrone


Designer Spotlight: Luxshari

She is Pretty for a big girl, Umm NO, she is pretty because she is Pretty. Size doesn’t matter when it comes to beauty or the confidence of a woman. I love this movement that all women all around the world are standing up for. They are removing the barriers that state that women have to be a certain size to be beautiful, to be fabulous and to be well dressed, with that being said, it’s an honor to feature Shari who is the founder of Luxshari. Shari is a plus size fashion designer and a makeup artist. Check out what she had to say below.



Who are you and what do you do?  Hi, my name is Shari and I am a melanin filled, plus sized fashion designer.

The inspiration behind your collection? The inspiration behind the name? My brand name is Luxshari. My inspiration comes from my childhood. No one in my family was a seamstress or designer, so no, not like that. I was always the heaviest or the tallest in school growing up. Going to different stores it wasn’t always easy to find my size, and when I did, I’d look older.


How long have you been designing? I have been designing for two years.

How did you get started? One day I stopped making excuses and took that jump! I was nervous, but I did it!

What do you like and dislike about today’s fashion? All of us curvier girls know the struggle of brands making plus size women look unattractive! That’s what I dislike about fashion! Most designers produce for smaller or sample size models. SOMETIMES, I understand only because the cost of fabric but every plus size woman doesn’t want to be fully covered! Or is that what the world wants to see? Plus size women have horrible stereotypes and I hope to be another PLUS SIZE DESIGNER to break those walls.

Describe your idea closet? My ideal closet is (Luxshari) LUXURY everything! I love Chanel so some of her items as well! She is also my influence. Her collection never altered after all these years and I’m thankful. Keeping everything sleek, timeless, and for the woman.


Lastly, what is your influence? What do you think people take from you? As I grow I can only hope others take inspiration from me. I want others to look at me and keep striving towards their own goals. Never give up.

If you would like to get in contact with Luxshari, you can reach her at ig: @_Luxshari . Email:

Designer Spotlight: Rex D


Do this designer need a introduction? He is beast all by himself and NO I am not saying this because I am bias. Seriously, if you haven’t seen his work you are missing out.  No worries! Here is a up close and personal interview with Domo of Rex D.

1.Who are you and what do you do?  My name is Dominic but i go by Domo & I’m a outerwear designer

2.Inspiration behind your collection? Inspiration behind the name? My debut collection will not be released until spring/summer 17. So stay on the look out for that. It will be inspired by Aaliyah. She was the first fashion figure to inspire me as a kid.

Rex is Latin for King. I’m a full blood Leo, so it was only right.


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3.How long have you been designing? I’ve been designing for only 5 years,but I’ve always had plans to be a designer ever since I was younger. I would sneak and play dress-up games online. I’ve watched every season of Project runway. When I graduated high school, I just went for it.

4.How did you get started? One day my best friend and I was chilling while listening to Rihanna’s Unapologetic album,and I randomly decided to cut sleeves off my shirt for a vest. I made a bow tie with the sleeves, and from that moment I started designing.

5.What do you like and dislike about today’s fashion? I like that everyone is becoming fearless and open to trying new things with fashion. The only thing i dislike about today’s fashion is how easy it is for others to knockoff your designs. Many designers work really hard to come up with a product and its a slap in the face to see a knockoff version of your hard work.

6.Describe your ideal closet? All Black Everything & Unlimited Sneakers.

7.Lastly, what is your influence? What do you think people take from you? I just want people to see that no matter what other’s say or do to you, KEEP GOING! If I listened to other’s,I wouldn’t be designing right now. You only live once so make the most of it and ride your dream until the fucking wheels fall off.


You can shop with Rex D at www.RexD.Us. Find him on IG: Rexdbydomo

Designer Spotlight: Bobby K

Hey Spies, Now you know I am always getting the scoop on the latest designers, so I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t bring you the hottest designers! This spotlight designer is no rookie in the game, or my blog but we have never introduced him like this before.

I was granted the opportunity to view another one of Bobby K’s Fashion Show’s. If you all have read the spotlight featuring Argie Mitra, I mentioned the show that both designers put together. I was intrigued by the behind the scenes process it took for the designers to put together such an amazing line. I wondered what the inspiration was behind the line, and how did they choose to use certain materials, models,  and the line name etc. Well you know what they say curiosity kills the cat but this cat didn’t die;Instead, I got the inside scoop!  Oh Darling, Thank me later!

Meet Bobby K:15000089_1274143605942266_7931070830555308561_o

1. My name is Bobby Kelley and I’m an apparel designer, founding my own label BOBBY K design in 2006.
2. The inspiration for my collection was literally my childhood. I was always kind of a misfit and a weird kid, and my dad snuck me in to see beetle juice, and Wynona Ryder’s character “Lydia” literally connected with me on a visceral level. My entire childhood I followed her religiously, and kind of always found solace in the fact that, while mainstream, she never fit in, and she owned it and made it her own. I remembered these emotions vividly this past spring and knew I had to dedicate a collection to her. I’d call it my love letter to her. I decided to call the collection “BOBBY K’S school for delinquent girls”, because my brand has always been about the downtown girl with an edge, and the idea of where the BOBBY K girl (or boy) got there start was really exciting to me. It was kind of an aesthetic prequel.


3. I just celebrated 10 years with BOBBY K design. (WOW, This is AWESOME! I am excited to see where you will end up in years to come. Lucky me, I have proof, so you can’t act like you have never met me in the future. LOL Jk, Maybe!)
4. I have always had a need to create. I didn’t pursue art in higher education, but I was always fascinated with clothes, accessories, and dolls, so as a hobby I started doing rudimentary sewing and construction, had my grandma teach me some things, and I went full steam ahead.
5. All black everything. Long everything.

6. My influences have always been environmental. Music, art, people, situations, anything that causes an emotion. I’ve always been very connected to my experiences, and they typically guide me into my next influence. I try not to look into other designers too much, because for me, it’s kind of like chasing trends? If you have it together, it happens naturally. I think I tend to leave people with a notion of excitement for what could be, and what we can do together. My personal goal is to inspire others and create a legacy within that.


Rules are meant to be BROKEN!  If you would like to purchase any of Bobby K’S designs you can check him out at  Bobby K design

Instagram: Bobby K Design

Facebook: Bobby K design

Designer  Spotlight

Last year I had the honor of attending a fashion show that two designers put together to raise money for an art school.However, due to website glitches, I was never able to share my experience, but I’m back and it’s never too late.

This designer spotlight shines light on the talented fashion stylist/designer, Argie Mitra. Argie and Bobby K put on an amazing fashion show, both collections had a voice. They were cohesive throughout the entire collection and that’s a good thing. I,for one get bored with collections that shows no cohesion. Lol, it’s really like a wire hanger in your closet, out of place, but back on topic. When I was getting my post together I did an interview on both Argie and Bobby K. (Stay tuned for Bobby K’s) I asked both of them a few questions to get to know them better as an artist! I know many times people admire artist work,but they don’t know the depth of the creativity that is in the masterpiece. So get to know Argie Mitra below!


1.Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Argie Mitra and I’m a creative soul! That’s the short version of saying I am a fashion designer, wardrobe stylist, seamstress, painter, graphic designer, and anything else that is creative and fun.

2.Inspiration behind your collection? Inspiration behind the name?

The collection is called “Let Them Eat Cake!” It is inspired by the quote itself, which is said to have been uttered by Marie Antoinette in response to a bread shortage. I loved how fanciful and opulent the royal French lived, and was especially fascinated by how Marie Antoinette had a play farm where she could escape court life and pretend to tend to animals. However, it is not actually provable in history she ever said those words, so I wanted to also explore the idea that nothing is ever as it seems.

3.How long have you been designing?

I have been designing for 5 years.

4.How did you get started?

After I graduated with my degree in painting, I decided to design and do what I wanted to go to school for originally!

5.What do you like and dislike about today’s fashion?

I love that more than ever we can see cultural influence in fashion, and there are myriad styles and ways of dressing. You aren’t beholden to look a certain way because for the most part, we’ve learned to accept individuality. I can’t even really say I dislike anything because even the most traditional brands are embracing inclusivity and the industry is favoring eco-friendly brands and introducing strict laws on the types of models runway shows use.

6.Describe your ideal closet?

Ideally, my closet is ⅕ my own designs, ⅕ awesome vintage finds, ⅕ Alexander McQueen, ⅕ a mix of indie and up and coming brands, and ⅕ Lululemon because let’s be real, I’m super basic and need to be comfy. LOL

7.Lastly, what is your influence? What do you think people take from you?

My influence can be anything! I am constantly inspired by everything in my day to day life, anywhere from mushrooms on a hiking trail, to the way water crashes in a waterfall. I hope that people take from me the idea that creativity is boundless, you just have to get started.
Thank you Argie for allowing me to spy all up in your business. If you’ll so happen to have a sweet tooth you can eat cake at