D.I.Y Gem Turban

Everyone loves a good headpiece. I recently saw another beauty influencer by the name of Janee Barbre rock a similar headband at Essence festival. Let’s just say, I saw it and immediately fell in love but it was sold out. 🙃🙁 but no worries, I found away to make it!

Of course, I had to let y’all know how I accomplished this look. Here is what you’ll need:

-Turban (hair store)

Gems- (Wally world)

Hot glue gun

Mannequin head (hair store)

Sewing pins

Let’s get into it!

First you want to secure the turban on the mannequin head with the pins.

Next, you’ll pick out the color gems you want on your turban

And then you’ll begin to glue them on!

Let’s just say this cute DIY will make anything in your wardrobe go pop!

Check out my video: https://youtu.be/Vpp4_iM8BBQ


YSL inspired Boots

Hey guys, I know you all have seen the 10k YSL Boots. I loved them but let’s be honest my taste is more than my finances right so that was a No go! However, I decided that I could do my own version of the Boots. I did and it took me four months! 😔 sigh! Between running out of the gems and having to order more or running out of glue an easy project became a four-month TASK! It was worth it! Below you will find step by step ways to create your very own!

Things you will need: 
E6000 clear glue tubes
7 1440 gem packs in size 16


metallic boots

Step 1: Lay the boots flat

2: apply glue to the boots in your desired location. I started at the bottom doing row by row and worked my way to the top of the boot.

Step 3: put some glue on the end of your stencil

Step 4: Apply gems to the boots

Check out my youtube tutorial: https://youtu.be/sh7e6CS7aQk

Finish product