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Bungee Heels DIY

Heyyyy Gurl, Heyyyyy! Let me just say that this project was a bit challenging and I was about to cancel tuesdays live video because the shoes weren’t coming out like I had planned. I believe I was second guessing myself…


Help Keshia Snag-a-man Cooking Edition: Rasta Pasta

Because I am goofy and decided that I would start doing ghetto cooking dishes and call it help keshia get a man. lol This is the latest challenge and it’s rasta pasta


Creative Tuesday DIY: Chanel Inspired Monogram Jeans

Wheter it be Chanel or Louis Vuittion these monogram denim jeans are trending. Check out how you can create your own.


One Look, Styled 3 Different Ways.

Heyyyyy Gurlll, Heyyyy! I am a strong advocate of creating a closet full of functional pieces. Functional pieces are just that, it can be styled in several different ways. I use to waste my coins by buying one outfit one…


Creative Tuesday DIY Post: Jennifer Le “Fairy Tale” remake.

Whew, I saved $345 on a Jennifer Le shoe by doing it myself. Jennifer Le has restocked and sold out of the fairy tale heels several times but I decided to remake them and put my own twist on the heels.


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