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A Valentine’s Day D.I.Y: Feather maxi robe

Heyyy gurl hey, Valentine’s Day is approaching and I’ve been wanting to recreate this super cute feather robe. Lol, if you’re a lover of texture than this is the perfect robe for you. Granted my version isn’t as extravagant but…


I almost lost my mojo because of my “feelings”

Hey gurrrrl hey! Last week, I found myself questioning whether or not I was lacking creativity or plain out lazy! The answer to my question is I am lazy! I procrastinate and do things based off of my feelings which…


Publix Shopping Haul: Vegan Style

Hey gurl friend, Heyyyyy! I missss you all so much! I had to get myself together, but I am back and with some new changes. 🙂


Natural products review

Hey guys, last month, I went on a natural care product binge because I’m attempting to go green. Needless to say, I’ve quite mastered the food aspect but below are a list of products that I’ve been using. This deodorant…


7-Day Facial Challenge

Hey Gurrrrrllllll, Hey! Ladies, I know we all have some unwanted things on our body that we complain about. I have a few as you all know, but these dark spots on my face, have to GO! I want healthy skin…


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