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Where is the style spy: V Steam review at Serenity Wellness Spa.

Hey gurl, Hey! For a year or two I’ve been saying that I would try a vaginal steam. I mean I went as far as buying the herbs from essentials beauty on Instagram but I never made it around to…


Where is The Style Spy: Meet at Met.

Hey gurrrrrl, Hey! Let me tell you’ll how my cousins slutty vegan addiction had us in the middle of hidden gems in Atlanta. My cousin stalks slutty vegan page, EVERYDAY, and while we were making a failed attempt to church,…


Daily Fashion Talk: Korto Momolu

Heyyyyy Gurl, Hey! It’s time for some girl chat! As you’ll know from my previous post that I am chatting about black designers that are presenting at NYFW! Today, I will be chatting about Korto Momolu. Korto Momolu which is…


Moving woes: ATL style.

Hey gurl hey! OMG, I’ve been away forever. ????? I promise I’m going to be more consistent in a few months. I’ve sooooo many content ideas that I’ve been racking up on. For now, I wanted to fill you in…


32 wishes: Birthday Edition

It’s my birthday and I can be fly if I want too lol! I’m over here aging like fine wine and decided that this year I would make 32 declarations.I know it’s custom for you to blowout your candles and…


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