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Shaggy Cardigan DIY

Hey gurl Heyyyyyy! I been wanting to recreate or buy this shaggy cardigan for a minute now. I’m a couple seasons behind but whose counting because it’s still in style. This sweater took me about a week to complete and…


Olori Swank Meetup Recap

Heyyyyy Gurllllll, Heyyyyyy! Over the weekend,I attended a meetup held by “THE” celebrity stylist, author, store owner: Olori Swank. Most people recognize her because of her blue hair which she has been rocking for 11 years. Now that’s dedication and…


Weekly Chat: Sophia Webster

Butterflies, crowns, and metals have one accessory/ shoe designer bringing out playful yet whimsical and sexiness in accessories.  I am sure you’re wondering, “what in the world am I talking about?”  I am talking about Sophia Webster. Not to mention…


Where is the style spy: V Steam review at Serenity Wellness Spa.

Hey gurl, Hey! For a year or two I’ve been saying that I would try a vaginal steam. I mean I went as far as buying the herbs from essentials beauty on Instagram but I never made it around to…


Where is The Style Spy: Meet at Met.

Hey gurrrrrl, Hey! Let me tell you’ll how my cousins slutty vegan addiction had us in the middle of hidden gems in Atlanta. My cousin stalks slutty vegan page, EVERYDAY, and while we were making a failed attempt to church,…


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