Heyyyy Gurllll, Heyyyy! If you’ve been following me for sometime than I am sure you are familiar with Creative Tuesday’s. Last night, I teamed up with MonA Hayslett to recreate these dope joggers that Laura Govan was wearing.

MonA and I did two different versions of the pants but honestly I think her version was a lot easier. Let’s take a peek at my final results.

I honestly wanted my sides to be more dramatic but these things came out the complete opposite. These projects really do be trial and error so the next time I would either cut my straps bigger or grab a pair joggers that’s 2 sizes bigger and sew a straight stitch which is the way that MonA did.

However, you can complete this look by following the steps below.


2 pair of Joggers


Fabric Glue or a sewing machine

Step 1: Cut out the sides of the first pair.

Step 2: Glue or sew down the sides of strap and then glue it on the outside Seam of your joggers.

Step 3: Repeat steps 1-2

Until next time ✌🏽