Heyyyyyyy gurlll, Heyyyy! A few weeks ago I found these really cute snakeskin pants at my local thrift store.

I snagged them for $2 and I just knew that I could fit them. Only to find out that my neck test was a lie and my hips was like HELL NAW! But I was determined to get in them so I cut the sides and threw some leather cord in them to give me more room. Lol let’s check it out below.

I use to think that I could work with too big but I couldn’t work with too small. Lol I’m starting to change my perspective because I can work with anything. Enough of my rambling let’s get into these steps.


leather cord

eyelet gun and kit


Step 1: Cut the sides and remove any extra fabric.

Step 2: Create your holes by taking your grommets and placing it in the desire spot and pressing down with eyelet gun.

Step 3: Repeat step 2 until you’ve applied all of your grommets. Then lace it up. You can also add chain.

Check out my video for more detailed steps

until next time ✌🏽