Heyyyy gurl, Heyyyyyy! I know most people address different women body types like the curvy girl, petite girl or the slim girl but nobody EVER addresses the girl that’s in between sizes.

I realize that I am that chick, I am not quite plus size but I am not slim either. I am stuck right in the middle and most women are like me, whether you are slim, petite or curvy, you can still find yourself in the middle. I have vowed to share tips, DIYs and look books for women who are like me.

Over the years, I have been complimented on looking smaller in my clothes and its because I know how to layer and I wear the right undergarments. Listen undergarments is a major deal but that’s another story for a later blog.

I found this black and white wrap skirt in Goodwill and to be honest it’s a small but I made it work. Check out each look and how I styled them below.

Look #1

Because I am petite I like to play with layers by mixing different lengths in the garments. Adding layers will give the fake illusion of longer legs. I have always wanted longer legs so I play with the length of my bottoms and sometimes outerwear pieces/

Look #2

The right outerwear piece can make or break an outfit. The key to layering is knowing what length of the coat is best fitting for your body type. If you’re short like me I would stick to waist length or calve length pieces.

Look #3

Look #4

Over the course, I will be giving more style tips and videos to further explain my theories.

until next time 🙂