Heyyyyy Gurllll, Heyyyy!

I am pretty sure you clicked on this post because of the title and wanted to know what it was all about. On Saturday, I decided that I wanted to make Rasta Pasta and so I started YouTubing videos. Once, I got a hang of it, I went on a hunt for the ingredients and posted a cooking reel on IG. Lol, I joked with my friend that I will do it once a week and call it “Help Keshia get a man tutorials,” lol by now I am sure you’ll know that I crazy so this is my latest adventure.

Lol, chile I know Cardi B said she doesn’t cook or clean but she can show me how she got that ring. lol well honey, show me because right now your gurl has some bad juju’s in that department. My nanny always said that a woman should be able to cook to get a man. *Inserts eye roll* lol, I have my own opinion on that subject but because I am goofy I decided to play along with that idea. So here is my latest cooking adventure, Rasta Pasta for the win!

Check out my broke down ingredient list:

Penne Pasta

Peppers: Red, green and yellow


1/3 cup Jerk seasoning

seasoning (eyeball the amount lol): Onion powder, minced garlic, and creole seasoning.

Heavy Cream ( I used the entire pint carton)

Fresh Basil

Cheese: Shredded Parmesan and italian cheese.

Of course, some of the ingredients that I saw recommended in a couple of videos that I saw I used what I could find. lol

I am not a cook and this post is just for fun like the ones to come so check out these youtube videos for step by step instructions. lol