Heyyyyy Gurllll, Heyyyyy!

So last night, I recreated these designer monogram jeans. As you know I am always spying on the latest trends because your gurl has to keep you in the know. lol

Here is the rundown on the material that you’ll need to recreate this look.

Flared denim jeans: Click here

Plus Denim: Click here

Acrylic Paint: Click here

Paint brushes: Click here

Chanel stencils ( Print and cut logo out)

Here are the steps:

  1. Google Chanel logo or designer of your choice. Print and cut the logo out.
  2. Lay the cut out in the desired area of your choice on the pants. Trace the outline with paint.
  3. Go back to paint in the image. Paint inside of the logo lines.
  4. Repeat steps 2-3 until your pants are filled the monogram.

I think I am going to recreate Louis Vuitton monogram pants for the heck of it because this trend screams the 90s.

Welp, I’ll be back to show you the different looks that I come up with for this DIY!

Ps. Here is next weeks DIY 🙂