Heyyyyy Gurlll, Heyyyy!

I am a strong advocate of creating a closet full of functional pieces. Functional pieces are just that, it can be styled in several different ways.

I use to waste my coins by buying one outfit one time and never wearing it again. Foolish, I know. At that time, I didn’t understand the concept of building a wardrobe full of functional pieces. I believe that clothes can be reinvented and worn in different ways.

The key element to building a closet full of functional pieces is by purchasing staple pieces such as outerwear, tops, dresses, a nice pair of jeans and trousers. Honestly, you really only need 12 pieces of clothing that can about 40 different looks. I bet you’re thinking how in the world did I do that math. LOL, idk but the point is I can create alot of looks from different pieces.

For example, I turned this lace two-piece skirt set into business attire. I can wear during the day with the cape blazer and turn it into a girl’s night out outfit by simply removing the blazer. Each piece can be paired with different garments. If you’re into building your wardrobe and would like to see more posts about functional pieces, please lmk.

Here are 3 different ways that I styled the Fairy tale-inspired heels. Oh, and I will be back because these heels can also be worn in three different ways which will change the entire look of the shoe each time.