Heyyyyyyy Girlllllll, Heyyyyyyyyy!

Listen before you judge me, DONT! lol, yes I was out in these skreets like COVID didn’t exist. Last weekend, I traveled to Destin, Fl to meet up with my friends. We all joined together to celebrate our mutual friend’s birthday.

I know you’ll are familiar with the movie Girls trip, well just say it was really that a real deal girls trip. lol, we showed our natural tails and that’s what happens when you’re on lockdown for so long. However, that’s not the purpose of this blog post but stick with me because I am going somewhere.

Saturday morning, everyone met up for breakfast and after that, we got dressed for crab island. If you’ve never been, listen, you’re missing out its so much fun. Anywho back to my story, so we all got dressed in our swimsuits and then there was me, the modest one as my friends would say. I was in dire need of a swimsuit cover-up because I wanted to camouflage my flaws. However, my friends boosted me up to remove my cover up because let them tell it, I was FINE. I mean I know I am nice looking but I have problem areas as I have stated time and time again. lol

Recently, I started admiring my own figure naked because let’s just faced it, I am not getting any surgery. Although society will make you feel like you have to have a fat a** and small waist, I know that there are still men out there that love a fupa and oversized breast. I remember going to plus size fashion week and the women were so confident and in love with their figures and for that reason I begin to fall in love with all of me.

I just stopped by to encourage you to embrace you! Because you’re fine in any size! Moral of the story, eff those beauty standards and I will be flaunting more two-piece bathing suits so my dad better take a chill pill because I am FINE! LOL

Swimwear: Lily shoes Discount code: Style Spy