Heyyyyyyyyy Girl, Heyyyyyyy!

Wow, I have been trying to make my way back to you’ll but honestly, I was swamped in orders. It was a bit overwhelming but I got through it, and I am grateful for everyone that has purchased, still purchasing, and future purchases. Granted, I still have a small list of orders but this post isn’t about that. This is my HEYYYYYY GURLLLL, I am sorry I dropped you like a bad habit would you please take me back post. lol

Yes, I am still crazy and goofy as ever. Alot has happen in these few months. I finally moved into my apartment 🙂 YAY! I will have to do an apartment tour and do a few home DIY’s to spruce up my glam domain.

Everything has to be EXTRA….like me. lol

I am slowly catching back up to my old beat and bringing you dope DIY’s, lookbooks, lifestyle and of course, the tea about what’s going on in fashion.

I think I am ready to start back doing interviews as well. However, I have to create a bomb schedule so that I can juggle everything.

Due to the surplus of orders, I abandon my good girlfriends, and I was in dire need of a good DIY fix. This time around, I have myself on a work schedule so that I can still produce bomb content while masking the nation.

Be sure to check me out for creative tuesday for my next DIY.

PS. Did I tell you that I missed you? NO, well I MISSED YOU ALL SOOOO MUCH.