Sometimes, I have felt like I was never in the right place at the right time. You know how you always hear those stories about great things happening to people like a celebrity paying for their items in a checkout line or money falling out of a truck on I-285. You think to yourself how in the heck did those people get so lucky.

Listen, I understand timing now. When God says it’s your time, it’s simply your time.

On Saturday afternoon, I was minding my business and playing taxi cab aka ubering people around Atlanta. For those of you, who have been following me, you know I haven’t been blinging out anything, I have been creating other things while making sure my weekly content schedule is fulfilled. Well, Saturday my cousin called me and said “Keshia, JAYDA wants a mask,’ I am like really, when? ‘ She said, tonight and she wants two so get home and I will help you. “

I am like okay, while still having my own unanswered questions because HONEY, how did she even see my work. How are you communicating with her? More importantly, why so short notice.

Luckily, I made my day early and my last rider was dropped off down the street from the house.

I wanted to be excited but I knew not to be because things don’t always go as planned but just in case I made the mask. Long story short, I was plugged in because of my cousin’s boss (Lash tech) purchased a mask from me and did Jayda’s lashes. She was wearing my mask while doing her lashers and that’s how she found out about my work. Her boss reached out to my cousin who reached out to me and boom the rest is history.

On March 1st, a couple of years ago I launched an online store called Jakyt that has failed miserably. I would cry and become frustrated because God gave me a vision but it wasn’t working. I wasn’t making any sales, I was investing my money, my mom’s money on a dream that wasn’t bringing in a return.

I would pick it up and put it down while trying to carry the same items that other boutiques had. It has never been that I wasn’t talented but the right people didn’t know me. Yesterday, proved that when you’re in front of the right crowd the money will come.

Although it’s a small victory, I am forever grateful because I know what it’s like to be talented and struggling.

I don’t know what tomorrow brings but on the 2nd day of March, I am forever grateful. I am writing this post to encourage every dreamer like me. write the vision, put in the work and watch God!

xoxoxo Your fave spy!