A dream place that skateboarders could skate as well as shop birthed a fashion empire. James Jebbia founded Supreme in 1994 in New York City, the clothing store was built on the exterior of the shop which gave skateboarders the option to skate into the shop.

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Today, supreme is one of the most popular streetwear clothing stores that advocates against social injustices, funny memes and more. The items are so popular that it becomes a race on who can buy the items the fastest.

Supreme has collaborated with many different brands, such as Nike, Jordan, Lacoste, Vans, Levi’s, North Face, Timberland, Comme Des Garcons, Hanes and Louis Vuitton.

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Various collaborations between Supreme and other brands allowed the skater fashion brand to create accessories, cruiser bicycles, Oreos, crowbars, bricks, everlast punching bag and much more.

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On January 18, 2017, Louis Vuitton and Supreme collaborated and held a fashion show where they established collaborations between the two brands. It wasn’t until June 30, 2017, that pop-up stores featured the two brands. Places like Miami, LA, London, Paris, Tokyo, and a couple of other places were able to experience the pop-up store and shop the collection.

Although, Supreme has been very successful not everyone was a fan of the skateboard vibes. Therefore, the collection wasn’t showcased in Manhattan because they didn’t approve the pop-up store there.

Supreme has also collaborated with different photographers, artists and celebrity stylist TY.

Check out the brand here: https://www.supremenewyork.com/