Heyyyyy Gurl, Heyyyy! Happy Valentine’s Day.

I am back with my weekly chats. However, before I start ranting, I must ask……Do men still like Lingerie or do we just like the way we look in it?

For many years, sexy lingerie was once a sacred item for your significant other eyes only. I mean 200 years ago, women were wearing corsets, BIGGGGG drawls and a crinoline to hold up those huge dresses. (I wouldn’t have survived during that era)

Lingerie has gone through many phases. In the 1800s corsets were a popular undergarment for women to create a beautiful silhouette. As designs progressed bras and girdles came on the scene so that women could have the option of being modest and hiding unwanted areas without being restricted to a corset.

Lady Duff-Gordon is coined as the pioneer of the development of lingerie. Her creations allowed women to be more free instead of wearing corsets.

However, the first person to patent a bra is Caresse Crosby born Mary Phelps Jacob. Jacobs created her first bra with two handkerchiefs, ribbon, and a needle and thread.

Jacobs patent her invention on February 12, 1914, but it wasn’t approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office until November 1914.

Since then many companies like Fredricks, Victoria Secrets, and now Savage Fenty have transformed the way we see a bra.

HA! now you can add my name to the list because this chain bralette that I created live was a hit. 🙂

Welp, until next week, we will chat later!