Shaggy Cardigan DIY

Hey gurl Heyyyyyy! I been wanting to recreate or buy this shaggy cardigan for a minute now. I’m a couple seasons behind but whose counting because it’s still in style.

This sweater took me about a week to complete and I almost ran out of yarn but I improvised.

Here is what you’ll need:



Cardboard or a mailer

Crochet needle with latch


I started out using the needle without a hook but it would’ve taken a century to complete. LOL please get the one with the hook.

Creating this look is simple.

First, you want to wrap the yarn around a hard surface such as a card board box, postcard, mailer or book to ensure that the yarn length is accurate.

Feed the needle through the cardigan. Create a loop in the yarn and attached it to the hook. Pull the needle through the sweater and take the loose ends of the yarn and put it through the loop of the top of the yarn.

Checkout my how to video below.

Excuse my dirty mirror ??‍♀️

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