Olori Swank Meetup Recap

Olori Swank Meetup Recap

Heyyyyy Gurllllll, Heyyyyyy!

Over the weekend,I attended a meetup held by “THE” celebrity stylist, author, store owner: Olori Swank. Most people recognize her because of her blue hair which she has been rocking for 11 years. Now that’s dedication and discipline because we like to change our hair and color all of the time.

Any who, lol the meetup was from 12-4 p.m. at Office Depot. Let me just say, I was a little confused like when did Office Depot have a venue space. ??? but I soon found out that Office Depot was the perfect place to have a meetup.

When I first entered in I was greeted by the swank team. They checked me in and gave me a raffle, and a scavenger hunt cheat.

The scavenger hunt was so dope! On the back of the card was a list of 6 things that we had to do in order to enter our ticket in the raffle for a computer or printer. However, it taught us so much.

The scavenger hunt taught us the importance of networking and making connections with like minded individuals.

It taught us how to pitch a business pitch in 2-mins. *You’ve now entered my bragging moment* lol Olori assigned 10 people with made up companies and those 10 people had to recruit people to be on their team. The team couldn’t consist of more than 25 people. My team was an app development company. We created a company by the name of Sync style which was a showroom catered to fashion stylist, and designers while offering customers the options to book fashion stylist. We won!

Another challenge was to post dope content on Instagram. So if you were wondering why I was posting so much lol that’s why.

We had few other challenges but they were easy like meeting three people and talking to a sales associate at Office Depot which I will say they do offer a lot for small businesses and Saturday’s you can go in there to work on your business but only at the Office Depot in the A! lol

Also, Olori books are now stocked in this location so you can also purchase her book from that location.

I will say that I was a little nervous about attending the event by myself for whatever reason. BUT! Chile please, I walked in and immediately started talking to people and found some other ladies that took away all of my little worries.

This event was everything for me! It was also my first event since I moved to Atlanta. Speaking of moving, Olori shared that she moved to LA with $150 in her account. Wow! Look at her now! That was the extra drive that I needed to make this Atl move work; well it has no choice but to work because IM NOT going back home without accomplishing my dreams. PERIOD!

Well until our next chat ✌?

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