Where is the style spy: V Steam review at Serenity Wellness Spa.

Where is the style spy: V Steam review at Serenity Wellness Spa.

Hey gurl, Hey!

For a year or two I’ve been saying that I would try a vaginal steam. I mean I went as far as buying the herbs from essentials beauty on Instagram but I never made it around to doing it.

Fast forward, my cousin start going and found someone here in Atlanta. Of course, I put it off again and never went.

Lately, my cycles have been excruciating and the weeks that I’m fertile, I have to deal with cyst. ? last week, I was fertile and the cyst were popping or dissolving idk but I had enough so I made an appointment with Serenity Wellness Spa.

The spa was very clean and well organized. When I arrive I filled out a paper and they called me to the back. *Moment if silence for companies that actually know what an appointment means* once, I went to the back, they gave me a daishiki to change into and a bucket for my clothes. 

I changed clothes and went in the room and sat on a seat with a pot inside of it.

The steam was okay until my thighs begin to burn up. They adjusted the temperature at least 3 times but my thighs were still on fire.

I sat here for 30 minutes in discomfort because of my inner thighs. ? I stayed hydrated with a bottle of water and afterwards, I felt sluggish. I think I will go again just to see if I see any results.

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