Fall is more than just nice weather, it’s an actual season for fashion. This is the time of year that you can tell whether or not a person can dress or can’t dress. Many other seasons like summer and spring, requires fewer clothes and granted, you can still be fly in other season BUT fall and winter takes some styling effort. Being able to properly add layers without taking away from your figure is a work of art.

Fall is also every fashion lover’s favorite season. We get a kick out of throwing on our faux fur, boots and winter hats. At least, I know I do.

Every season many sticks to the normal fall colors, such as mustard, navy blue, tan, and olive green. This fall, I am double-dog dare you to join the rest of the world and add these 5 popping colors.

  1. Shocking Pink

2. Pistachio

Image: google

3. Orange

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4. Shade me purple

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Image google.

Go head, Gurl and say buy bye to those traditional fall colors and pop out in these show-stopping colors for fall.