Hey gurrrrrl, Hey!

Let me tell you’ll how my cousins slutty vegan addiction had us in the middle of hidden gems in Atlanta.

My cousin stalks slutty vegan page, EVERYDAY, and while we were making a failed attempt to church, we manage to have breakfast at another broken egg and then went on a slutty hunt.

I made up in my mind that I wasn’t getting any slutty vegan today and therefore, I would wait in the car. Well, my cousin went on her journey and decided to come back for me.

I made a disclaimer that I wasn’t shopping lol being a grump.

But I found some cute things:

The first thing that we ran into was this cute juice company by the name of Kemboocha. We taste-tested several kinds and we walked away with a blueberry flavor (shown in pic) and another flavor that my cousin demolished. The benefits of this juice are that it’s ingredients in it that’s good for probiotics, anti-inflammatory, detox, skin, hair, and nails, and it increases energy.

I was immediately drawn in because of the hair, skin and nails growth. Y’all know I’m trying to get 20 inches over here.

There were other vendors out there as well and I purchased these items from a young entrepreneur. ☹️ she didn’t give me a card and I didn’t see her business name but this is what I snagged.

I’ll be showing you how I rock them this fall!

Until next time ✌?