32 wishes: Birthday Edition

32 wishes: Birthday Edition

It’s my birthday and I can be fly if I want too lol! I’m over here aging like fine wine and decided that this year I would make 32 declarations.I know it’s custom for you to blowout your candles and make a wish that you don’t share but I’m sharing. ?

First, I would like thank God for letting me see 32 because…. you know the rest to that speech. Lol

Here is to year 32, so many things are transpiring at this age and so I am making declarations for it.

1. I will embrace every second to be happy for me.

2. I will be the first millionaire in my family.

3. Every dream and idea is coming to pass.

4. I will work harder and smarter.

5. I will enjoy my journey.

6. I will make mistakes and learn from them.

7. I will be brave.

8. I will stand on my beliefs regardless, if it’s not the popular choice.

9. I will love

10. I will be loved properly

11. I will maintain healthy relationships

12. I will be kind

13. I will have compassion

14. I will do it afraid before I decide to not do it.

15. I will be stable in every area in my life.

16. I will prosper

17. I will laugh often and smile more.

18. I will not allow anyone to steal my joy or peace.

19. I will celebrate me.

20. I will utilize every creative gift

21. I will love me better than anyone.

22. I will constantly try new things.

23. I will not operate out of fear.

24. I will walk by faith and not sight

25. I will trust God.

26. I will build a Fortune 500 company

27. I will be free

28. I will keep my integrity

29. I will be in a successful relationship

30. I will motivate others to be great

31. I will not be afraid of being great

32. I will sparkle wherever I go.

Here is to 32! Watch me glow.

?: Maria Davis

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