I almost lost my mojo because of my “feelings”

I almost lost my mojo because of my “feelings”

Hey gurrrrl hey!

Last week, I found myself questioning whether or not I was lacking creativity or plain out lazy!

The answer to my question is I am lazy! I procrastinate and do things based off of my feelings which is never good. A wiseman told me to always keep my feelings out of things. I’ve found out that I’m the type of person that moves based on my feelings which isn’t a good thing.

For example, I could be working on my blog content but instead I say “I don’t feel like it.” I could be reading a book but instead “I say I don’t feel like it.”

I’m realizing that my problem is that I feel too much. LOL. Success happens by doing things that you don’t feel like doing.

So I gave myself a reality check and I finally created some blog content! As transparent as I try to be I hope this post inspire you to get moving regardless on how you feel!

✌? my loves!

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