Hey guys, last month, I went on a natural care product binge because I’m attempting to go green. Needless to say, I’ve quite mastered the food aspect but below are a list of products that I’ve been using.

This deodorant is all natural, and it gave me a rash! ?? I was using lady speed stick before, but I love the smell of this deodorant vs. using the lady speed stick. I would say that because it’s a natural deodorant to apply every time that you take a shower.

This mouthwash is my FAVORITE! This is a highly recommended product! It leaves your mouth feeling clean all day!

This toothpaste is okay but I don’t feel like my teeth are clean.

Don’t waste your money! Lol, I haven’t seen a change! ??‍♀️

This product is okay, but it’s not my favorite!

Lmk, if you’ve tried any of these products!