Make Over

Make Over


I have been in desperate need of a makeover! I mean a complete makeover! I haven’t liked what I have seen for a while! I have tried changing it, but it still wasn’t what I wanted. However, Last week, I was approached by Emily Parker. Emily works for a company by the name of Blogerize.

Blogerize gave my blog the much-needed makeover that is has been needing. It’s clean, chic and simple. I love this makeover because it’s user-friendly and now you guys can see what I have going on.

This blog makeover came right on time because I am currently in transition of giving myself a personal makeover. Yes, I am an ex-fashion stylist, and I needed a makeover.

I have learned that nobody will take you seriously if you don’t look the part! Whatever, it’s that you do, whether it’s a hairstylist, designer, business consultant, your appearance matters!

I can’t hand out my business card telling someone that I am a fashion blogger, and I look like I need a stylist! So, I decided that I didn’t want pink hair anymore and changed my hair color to a color that I believe is more sleek and polish. I was tired of having an overbite, and I said I wouldn’t be on TV with an overbite, so I got braces.

This blog is a representation of me, and I am happy to say that this makeover was much needed!


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