A great closet is one that consists of items that can be paired in more than one way. These items are known as staple pieces. ( shameless plug: look out for my ebook for more in-depth staple pieces.)
A while back, I bought a polka dot DKNY dress from the thrift store. Although it’s a classic DKNY dress, I had to throw my own touch of edge to it with the help of my style buddy Eb Wilds!
Check it out below:

Accessories will make or break an outfit! I mean most people are not aware that the final look is based on hair, makeup, shoes, jewelry and the list can go on. Even though it sounds complex it’s really not.  I decided that a soft glam look would be perfect for this look so I doused my face (I have yet to master the beating face part, lol) and completed the look with a pair of mink lashes from the Private Label Extensions called Ella and a red lip from Ravishing Beauty.

In my opinion, fashion is all about PERSONALITY! Honey, you wear the clothes so make them fit your personality and that’s how you create style.
For look # 1.
I decided to pair it with a jean skirt and a pop of color. I am a lover of texture so I played it metallics to go along with the polka dots.
Outfit details:  *shop here*
Shoes, headband: Rainbow
Skirt: Ross
Ring: Kay’s Jewelry
Lashes: Private Label Extensions
Lipstick: Ravishing Beauty
Look #2
For look # 2, I decided to highlight my strength, rebellion 🙁 and tenacity but still make it sexy. Therefore, I went with a tomboy chic look.
Boots: Forever 21
Shorts: Marshall’s
Earrings: Wally World (lead-free)
Rings: everywhere
Bracelet: Pandora
Bandanna: Walmart
Lipstick: Ravishing Beauty
Look # 3
Something’s is better worn effortless. Look Number #3 is perfect for work, church, business meetings or a night out.
Purse: Rainbow
Shoes: Just Fab
Earrings: Porsche Lux
Bracelet: Tiffany and co
I loved the Ella mink lashes so much that I had to wear them again!  Thank you Private Label Extensions. 🙂
[wpvideo ojX7QNp6 ]