FNTM, D2R Filmz,and GS presents Model Mansion

FNTM, D2R Filmz,and GS presents Model Mansion

1. Who’s Leamber and why do we need to know her? LeAmber is the owner of Florida’s Next Top Model. She is a professional model developer. She meets models in their raw state and helps them grow into something worth booking!


2. What is your background and where did you get your start in business from?

Fresh out of high school I went to cosmetology school and graduated but did not obtain my license. So I was working in a hair salon as an assistant. Helped out with hair at this fashion show and realized I paid more attention to the models rather their hair. I went home I started brainstorming on what I could do to bring something different to Jax that wasn’t of the norm. At that moment Florida’s Next Top model was born. My business background comes from my father. He owned a Security Company that made hundreds of thousands for 23 years. So I’ve always known I wanted my own like my father

3. What’s the inspiration behind model mansion and how did you come up with the theme? The Inspiration came from America’s Next Top Model I’ve always wanted to have my models in a house and shoot with different challenges. It’s an experience for them, but also for the team and I.


4. What information can the model’s expect to gain from the model mansion?

Constructive Activities – 2 Swimwear shoots – Commercial Directed by LeAmber J. Stephens – How to be a professional model – Learn basic Model Etiquette on & off set – What is your brand? What’s your category? – How to sustain as an independent model until you are signed! – How to increase bookings Fun Activities – Model 101 – Pool Party – Snap Chat Session – Meet & Greet


5. Tell us why this event is the place to be?

The event is the place to be because this is an experience as a model you won’t forget! Networking and Working with a professional team like us not only will you leave with the great knowledge you will leave With confidence, hope and the best fun of your life!

6. Will the models really be living in a mansion?

The Model Mansion is not a real Mansion however it’s a really really big house.

Where will this event be located? It’s located in Orlando, Florida

7. How often will Model Mansion be held?

The Model Mansion is expected to be held once every 3-4 months.

8. What’s the number one thing that you hope that your team and those who have invested in this weekend will take away from this experience?

Honestly overall A GOOD TIME!

9. What advice would you give an aspiring model that would like to come to model mansion but isn’t quite sure?

You have to start somewhere. In order to become what you want you must sacrifice and invest. The Model Mansion is an experience that is vital to your future. The teachings, networking, photo shoots, and the direction you will get will be worth your money and worth your time.

10. Last but not least; how can a model pay to be a part of this event? Are you still accepting models? We have 1 spot left for The Model Mansion

Grab this last spot for the model mansion or catch my highlights from it, but some things are worth the experiencing. Until next time, I am Johnakeshia and as always I keep you up to date on the latest.

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