For years, I’ve heard about divine connections but never have I truly understood what that meant. You meet people and sometimes they walk out of your life but when it’s God ordained those people walk into your life to cultivate you, motivate you, and most of all encourage you. On Saturday, I had the honor to attend Friendship Rocks which was hosted by Katrina Nichol!

When I tell you that although I came to honor my best friend Maria.

Image By: Charity Weston Let me tell you about my BEST FRIEND

Image By: Charity Weston My Best friend Maria and I…BTW, we are rocking her lipstick line: red heaven.

I left with a newfound perspective of friendship. A room full of 30 to 40 women who celebrated the people that they love the most!

Image By: Charity Weston C’mon and Wobble Baby!

I’ve never understood women who say that don’t have female friends or can’t be friends with a woman because together we are powerful! We are beautiful, caring, funny and strength!
I witnessed strength and empowerment! I learned stories about amazing women that honor their friends or husbands. If you don’t have a female friend; I encourage you to check your heart and motives and find one! We are powerful in numbers! This event was beyond amazing and the love was so pure! I hate you missed it but….Here are some images from today:

Image By: Charity Weston A quick meet and greet game: The winner of the meet and greet…


A moment to pour into the person who helped us pour into others

Best friends pouring into each other

Love is No good until you give it away

We were greeted with mimosas and smiles!

Next Year, I am bringing all of my besties and so should you! It’s really worth the experience and amazing to make the ones you love to smile or cry(happy tears).