Spring into Fashion: Style Highlights Report!

Spring into Fashion: Style Highlights Report!

Hey spies, I’m sure you’re wondering where the heck I’ve been! Welp, I’m still around, trying to get this degree darling! Over the weekend, I attended the Spring Into Fashion, the fashion show was presented by Bold and Classy Boutique it was held at the Crown Point Hotel by the airport.

Of course, I was rushing in to get a seat and totally missed the photo booth in the lobby! However, check out the male models acting up in the booth:
Here are some highlights that stole the night: My favorites were Rich Girl Boutique, Bold and Classy Boutique, The Band and The PLUS MODELS!!!
I never want anyone to feel as if I’m knocking them or hating so I won’t discredit anyone. It takes a lot to put a show together but because this is my platform I must share my honest opinion! I believe that this show would have been amazing if the venue was bigger and the long intermission wasn’t present. I dislike the fact that fashion shows serve food; I mean we are here for the FASHION so serve us FASHION!  I’ve been to several fashion shows from New York Fashion Week to Miami Swim-week and it’s certain things we lack in Jacksonville. Some of the models had really strong walks but some of their walks made me cringe. The show started and nobody knew it was starting.
I thought of ways to write this post without being negative but my report wouldn’t be done truthfully. The setup was extremely tight with barely any walking room because it was a SOLD-OUT show. I believe a bigger venue will be better for the next show because the support is there.The long intermissions between each segment were ok at first but I was ready to go by the end of the show. I would say that the host was funny as heck which made it a lot better. I enjoyed tunes from the band and segments in the show.
Well until next time I am Johnakeshia and this concludes my style spy report!

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