Essa Mohamoud: Visual Artist/ Sculpter

Essa Mohamoud: Visual Artist/ Sculpter

On Wednesday night Nike showcased their Fall/Winter line for 2018. Like many other designers and brands that use fashion to voice their opinions on world issues. Nike didn’t fall short of it as well. The vision behind the line was changing the face of what we deem as normal in sports, culture, and style! Nike paired up with a visual artist by the name of Essa Mohamoud from Toronto. Mohamoud has raised awareness for equality in everyday life by turning NBA jerseys into ball gowns.All images retrieved from artist Instagram on 2/9/18 by Johnakeshia
The 25-Year-Old Artist wrote on her Instagram:
” PSA: Equality isn’t selective. if we want to be treated equal, we need to treat everyone equal. to the countless number of angry, insecure, homophobic trolls attacking me on twitter, get real with yourself. 

  1. No garment can “make ” someone gay, You’re born gay.
  2. Basketball (and athleticism) isn’t just for heterosexual men, it’s for everyone.
  3. you’re being selectively homophobic if you think a gay man can’t play basketball when you don’t have a problem with lesbians who play in the WNBA.
  4. this isn’t just about putting a man in a dress, this is about the inequality of gender in regards to representation at large in athleticism.                                           We need to do better, it’s 2017. if you’re offended or bothered by the work, that says something about your own insecurities. I hope you take the time to reflect upon your own views and progress towards a healthy understanding of difference and equality. if you don’t and you’re still mad, all I have to say is stay mad baby.”

There is no surprise that Nike paired up with Essa Mohamoud. Here is a glance from the show. I’m not going to lie my first response was WTH but that’s art it can sometimes be viewed wrong depending on the perception of the viewer. After I did some research I understood the concept more in depth.


All Images retrieved from artist Instagram on 2/9/18 by Johnakeshia

You can view more of the artist work at
Instagram: thequeenthrone

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