Stupid For An NI***: We have all been here!

Stupid For An NI***: We have all been here!

I couldn’t think of an appropriate title for this topic of discussion, blunt as I can possibly be I attacked it head-on. I was driving down the road and I started recalling multiple warning signs that I’ve encountered while dating. Every warning sign, I IGNORED! I started to wonder why do I do that? Ladies, why do we ignore our BEST FRIENDS or FAMILY members when they see the person we are dating? Why do we learn things the hard way instead of letting that loser go before we sink too deep into something that it will hurt like hell to get out of?
Those are questions that I had to ask myself because I can attest that I have been STUPID for a NIGGA or two! I mean there has got to be some kind of sister code that we can follow so that we won’t fall into the SAME OLE TRAPS!
Heartache hearts like a MUTHA and too many bruises will leave you in shambles. I am no relationship coach but I kind of come to the conclusion that somewhere in this area I have been toxic and doing things all wrong. I have had enough of learning things the hard way. I have decided that my closes friends and family have my best interest at heart. So when they say “Idk about that one” then, I should possibly reconsider. I remember being the person on both ends of the spectrum. I have had friends who I have bluntly told to let that dude go and they’ve ignored me, but also backtracked and told me that I was right. I have also dated guys that none of my family or friends liked and had to learn the hard way about what they saw in him or them.
Excuse my French because somewhere in my mind this ghetto girls shows up and all I hear is this simple rule: STOP GIVING THESE NIGGA’S THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT.

I believe that’s the number one reason, we will ignore the truth when we hear it! Another reason could be because we have given TOOOOOOO much of ourselves too fast. The downfall of wanting to be in a relationship or even married is that we are willing to devalue ourselves as women so that we can say we have a piece of a man. Anytime, a guy approaches we paint this fairytale picture that includes a wedding, family, and love that the guy knows nothing about. I mean we barely even know the guy but like a time machine, we click on and ask the same question is this the one! HONEY, I KNOW because this is MY TRUTH! I feel like what happens is that we are too engulfed in our own fantasy world that we hate to pull away. So we ignore every sign possible, which leaves us being stupid for an NI***! At some point, you’ve to wake up and start LOVING YOU! Start taking accountability for your actions and reevaluate your actions. At some point, you’ve to reach a point where you’re tired of being stupid for an NI***! It’s certain things I am not tolerating and I could careless if I have an “I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR ATTITUDE” but you GON RESPECK ME and I will RESPECT, LOVE, HONOR MYSELF and listen to my friends if they give SOUND ADVICE!C’mon, you know which friends to listen to and which ones to ignore! I guess this will conclude my rant but it was heavy and I needed to share!
-A woman who is leveling up

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