The Power of Habits

While on a casual outing with the opposite sex, a question was asked, what annoying habits do you have? I begin to ponder on that question and couldn’t think of any annoying habits. I mean I am goofy and play a lot but other than that I don’t think I have any annoying habits. However, that’s something that has to reveal itself within time.
I begin to think of the power of habits. Habits are created whether it’s good or bad. Bad habits are easy to create and do than good habits. However, every successful person has mastered the gift of discipline from habits.


For the next 21 days, I have entered into a covenant with a group of individuals that states I am going to perform four goals every day with no excuses. In this group, we have to hold each other accountable. Creating these small goals is creating good habits.
My four goals are making my bed every day, listening to a podcast, sending a motivational text and meditating for an hour. Simple goals right? Welp, it sounds easier than done; especially, when you’re used to doing things a certain way.
This past week I’ve been woken up at 3:30 a.m. – 4 a.m. for some strange reason but in that time I have been able to meditate and spend time with God. However, I am not going to lie, this morning, I told the lord to hold on because I was TIRED! between work and school and getting up that early, my body was like not today LORD! (It’s my blog and my post so don’t judge my  truth) Here is a perfect example of good habits and bad habits. I understand that the lord is waking me up that early because it’s the only time that I can spend with him before my day gets started. Good habits forming is waking up and getting in the right posture even when you don’t feel like it.
Making my bed every morning is so simple but sometimes it’s not made because I pressed the snooze button a trillion times and have to rush out the house in order to make it work. Are you catching the drifts of habits? Although I hate waking up in the morning, I am making a habit of getting up and preparing my day which includes making my bed.
So the next time, I am asked what bad habits I have, I can answer I am currently dishing the habit of lateness, procrastination, and laziness. I am replacing those habits with time management, proactive, and productive.
If you want to be successful you’ve to dish those old habits!

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