Shimmer Into A New Year


Throws Confetti, HAPPPPPPPPPYYY NEW YEAR!  Over the past few weeks, I spent time reflecting on 2017 and what exactly I wanted from 2018. I set realistic goals each year. Last year, my goal was to live and that’s what I did! This year I am still living but on purpose. I believe that this year it’s important to be strategic, intentional and set boundaries.

Every year I create a visual board and every year just about everything I achieve. I mean it’s true I have been losing weight for about 3 years. BOOOOOOOOOO! *eye roll* me and food has this love/ hate relationship so Idk.


Anyhow, as I begin to reflect on the things that I want from 2018, I realize that this year I needed HELP! I need to help others and allows others to HELP ME!!!!!!! AGAIN, I NEED TO ALLOW OTHERS TO HELP ME! (Shouting at myself)

This year I want DIVINE connections! Granted, I’ve been trying my hardest to achieve my dreams solo but the truth is, it really does take an army!

This year I’m being intentional! I plan to WIN all year 2018! I’m winning in my relationship with God, friend’s and family! I am winning with LOVE as well!

My family and friends have become familiar with me being in a certain place. The place of not having a relationship or kids or maybe even success and although, my hustle isn’t to prove them right but to drive out the woman I KNOW I AM! Everyone can have a seat at my table because it’s time. I remind them to not get comfortable with the place that I am in because, at any given moment, God can shock us all!

I am being strategic and intentional even when it comes to love!

I’ve learned that people will do whatever they want with you if you allow them. I learned this lesson the hard way by thinking everyone who said they were for me was actually for me!

Not setting boundaries left me with a broken heart more times than one. Not putting boundaries on relationship left me in one-sided situations. Nobody is really to blame but myself! I devalue myself the moment I allowed someone to treat me like crap.

I had to realize that the way someone treats you is really how they feel about you. So the no text/calls show the true intent of a person. Now that I’ve come to terms with that, I unapologetically will be firmed about who enters my life. It’s either you’ll treat me right or not at all! I am okay with being by myself until the right person comes along that actually sees ME!


Meanwhile, I promise to leave a little sparkle wherever I go this year!


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