Reality Check!


The pictures are out and I know many people are wondering if I got ordained as a minister or not! Welp! I didn’t get ordained as a minister!🤗 These pass fourteen weeks I’ve set aside some time for God! I did this by joining a purpose-filled destiny class. In these meetings, I faced “ME”, issues that I’ve dealt with since a child up to an adult. I had to really look in a mirror and understand things about myself and why the enemy is fighting me so hard. Some days I cried non stop and other days I thank God that the plans that Satan had for me didn’t prevail.

Before signing up for this class I was frustrated! I was tired of church and following rituals and routines so that I will get into heaven. I was following religion! I was doing it just to say I did it. As time passed me by I slowly started shifting back to my old ways. Going out and partying…. chilling with old flings because I couldn’t let go. Some nights I had a blast and while other nights I couldn’t turn God off. I would go places that I knew I shouldn’t go when I heard him clearly but because I wanted to do it, I did it.

mber going to Atlanta for a tv casting and while I was there I visited real talk Kim church. She wasn't there but the preacher spoke a word and he said "For many God is telling me to tell you to reconnect. Go back to the place that you were growing in because that's where God was blessing you." Here I am about 400 miles away from home and knew exactly what he was saying.

Even in my wrongdoing I still was hearing from God. He still was directing me and guiding me. Some days I ignored him and other days I listen but nevertheless, he never left my side. So I listen this time, I returned back home and made a promise to God that I would take the class and get back in my church home (another story for another time) and that's what I did. I signed up for a fourteen-week appointment as promised and at first, I was still doing whatever I wanted to do.

I was still breaking my own heart by chasing a superficial love. However, God is so amazing that HE slowly started changing my mind and heart. He slowly started speaking to me while he had my attention and started showing me his reality for my life. Now I will admit his reality is TOTALLY against my reality and to be honest I DON'T want to do it but the price that it will cost for me to disobey is far greater than the cost for me to obey! So to answer your question; no I wasn't ordained as a minister and in HIS timing I will be! This is my reality and I am coping with it!

-Signed Johnakeshia

mages by: Maria Davis Photography


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