‘‘Tis the season to be….”

‘‘Tis the season to be….”

The holidays are finally here and for some this time of year can be the hardest of them all. Some people have lost dear loved ones around this time or the memories of celebrating with them is a dreadful thing to do without them. While others are out sipping hot cocoa and gathering gifts I understand there are some who needs their spirits lifted.
Being 30 without any kids or married would’ve taken a tow on me. I mean that’s what the holidays are all about having people that you love to share it with. However, I had to remember that I do have an abundance of love and to share. I mean for one my family is HUGE! Every year my nanny throws us a Christmas party and has been doing it since we were kids. I look forward to the games and laughter that my Cousin’s and I share. However, I would’ve looked over all that love if I focused on what I didn’t have. Although, you’ve lost someone dear or feel like you’re all alone…. remember you’re never alone and enjoy the people around you that loves you! They really do love you and sometimes you can be blindsided by the idea of someone loving you. As if God only created one person to love! He is love and he created us all to love so embrace that….. if you find yourself not knowing anyone that loves you than I encourage you to love someone!

Go volunteer somewhere, give back and that’s where you’ll find your heart! The holidays aren’t about the gifts; Although that’s a bonus thing and makes you feel good but it’s truly about the love that was birthed on that day! Find a little Joy and share some LOVE!

Outfit details:
Shoes/Hat: Rainbow Shops
Cape Blazer: Pretty Pieces
Purse: thrift store
Jeans: Marshall’s
?: Shab Photography<<

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