Being Innovative Comes With a Price!

Have you ever felt like as soon as you think of an idea and start working it; Someone comes along and starts mimicking the same idea?  It’s annoying, I agree but a good friend brought it to my attention that sometimes you can be a leader not even know it. So when you find yourself being irritated by others who are copying your style. Remember you are apart of their inspiration, regardless if they admit it or not. If you don’t believe me, keep on reading.


I always reference back to Rihanna Fenty because it’s the hottest thing right now. As you all might know that Rihanna Fenty Beauty line launched and it offered 40 shades that are now sold out in almost all of the shades. I am currently on the waiting list but I digress. Back to my point as soon as Rihanna dropped her line, Foundation companies from all over started to advertise their line as having 40 shades. Granted Fenty beauty was the money maker since it launched and other companies had to think quick and fast in order to stay afloat. Here you have companies that have built a name for themselves for many years and feel the need to compete with Fenty Beauty because it was the talk of the town at the moment. Companies like Makeup Forever has been one of the most popular companies that many love and yet they lost sight of their campaigns by trying to stay afloat.


Make Up Forever posted this picture with the caption “40 Shades is nothing new to us.” Lol, talking about some SHADE! Sometimes, in our personal lives we find ourselves wanted to shade people and knock them off their high horse by stating “Chill little baby, we aren’t the same.” If you’re like me than you will take the high road because sometimes you can lose your momentum by paying attention to what everyone else is doing. Ideas are sometimes a hit or miss but don’t feel the need to compete with those who don’t even compare to you. Makeup forever will never be Fenty Beauty so it’s useless to try and compete with them when they don’t even compare to each other.

My take is be willing to be copied. be willing to be mocked but most of all be willing to grow in your own way and stay true to who you are.

-Johnakeshia 🙂


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