New York Fashion Week Street Style Ideas

New York Fashion Week Street Style Ideas

Guess who is going to fashion week? Yep, you guessed right! The Style Spy is heading to Newyork. Fashion week is a fashion orgasm! I have been dreaming of going for awhile now and I decided that I would make that dream come true. At first, it started out as me just going to be in the fashion atmosphere but then I landed an internship so now I can work a show. It was allllll a dream! I use to sit and read Vogue magazine, now trotting down the streets of NY….Babbbbyyyy Babbbby! Side note: That has to be read in biggie small voice or you will totally miss out on the life I just got! Lol
Although I have been planning this trip all year I have nothing to wear!  🙁 So far I have two dope tops…YIKES! Well here are some dope looks from fall/winter 16 show!


Stay tuned for more updates on my journey to fashion week
-The Style Spy

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