New York Fashion Week Street Style Ideas

Guess who is going to fashion week? Yep, you guessed right! The Style Spy is heading to Newyork. Fashion week is a fashion orgasm! I have been dreaming of going for awhile now and I decided that I would make that dream come true. At first, it started out as me just going to be in the fashion atmosphere but then I landed an internship so now I can work a show. It was allllll a dream! I use to sit and read Vogue magazine, now trotting down the streets of NY….Babbbbyyyy Babbbby! Side note: That has to be read in biggie small voice or you will totally miss out on the life I just got! Lol

Although I have been planning this trip all year I have nothing to wear!  😦 So far I have two dope tops…YIKES! Well here are some dope looks from fall/winter 16 show!





Stay tuned for more updates on my journey to fashion week

-The Style Spy



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