Shoe Talk: My Fave shoe designers

Hey Spies, I have composed a dope list of shoe designers that are my ultimate FAVES! I believe that sharing is caring so I had to fill you in with some dopeness. I believe that a woman’s shoe should make a statement. I am an accessory kinda woman so my accessories do the talking for any garment. The benefit of having dope accessories is that you can mix high and low together. Check out my list below.


Sophia Webster


This designer is my FAVORITE! I first fell in love with her while watching a Victoria Secret fashion show and the shoe designs were extremely bad. They were one of a kind but still had a touch to the fact that you can point out her designs a mile away. These shoes are a STATEMENT!

Charlotte Olympia


 Jeffrey Campbell

dcc695eed0fb704097c0aa124f5a27e6--western-boots-jeffrey-campbell    dbe5cd4baececa6cb94e5692dd9a92d6--jeffrey-campbell-coffee.jpg

I am pretty sure that in a past life I was a rock star or a hippie. I love this designer because of the platform boots. His shoes are funky and untraditional.  I love the fact that his designs are full of risk. I am for sure the type of person that likes to rebel and his designs do that for me.

Manolo Blahnik


Now every now and then, I love a good timeless shoe. Manolo’s is the designer that captures a timeless moment.



As you can see my shoe taste is very whimsical. LOL, I love for my shoes to do the talking without me uttering a word. I love designers that understand that.

Giuseppe Zanotti


Betsey Johnson



Jimmy Choo


Jimmy Choo used to be my FAVORITE shoe designer but they’re stuck in tradition and although, these pumps make a statement I wish they offered more variety of shoes. If you own a pair of shoes from these designers or have a favorite designer not listed, please tell me in the comment section or tag me via. Instagram.

-The Style Spy

Instagram: The_Style_Spy


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