Top 90's Retro Brands

Top 90's Retro Brands

90sbanner.png   Hey spies, I am here for the 90’s funk! For some reason, I am on this retro kick and want to fill my closet with everything HIP HOP! I mean it’s time to go back to the culture. Okay, some styles in the 90’s we can do without but some styles we can revisit. Let’s go for a blast in the past or future because my fall wardrobe is about to be lit with retro items!

  1. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger was a huge brand in the 90’s. Although, some would argue that the designer stated he didn’t want African Americans wearing his clothing. The truth of the matter is the African American culture is what catapulted his company.  Throughout the years the company has lost some momentum but it coming back in style!
2. Fila
Fila is an Italian shoe company founded in Biella, Italy in 1911. When Fila was first established their target market was the textile industry. However, today it’s known for their tennis shoes.  In 2001, Fila open their first sports store in Milan and like other popular brands they were a hit and growing in that era but sales started to decline. Now they’re making a way back on the scenes.


3. Fubu
Refer back to my last post for more information. Just know they’re LIT!
4. Coogi
Now the 90’s wouldn’t be fashion without the Coogi sweaters! I am the hunt for one! GRR! I hate that Florida has one season all year long which is HOT! Lol, so I will have to travel to rock this JOINT!
5. Adidas
All this sauce! I am soo ready for fall!  I will be back with some thrift store finds asap. If you rock any of these looks, please tag me on Instagram! I want to see!
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    I love this m!

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