Gucci Sues Forever 21

Now if you guys recall my copy me, copy cat post. I mentioned the fact that Forever 21 is always being sued for copying other designers designs.

This time Gucci has had enough with the fast-fashion retail company stealing their designs. Gucci sent the company a stop and decease letter stating that the use of their logo is copy writing infringement. They asked the company to stop producing items with the blue- red-blue stripes and red-green-red stripes.

Forever 21 files a lawsuit in return suing Gucci for false claims and the approval to use the stripes. They believe that the Italian fashion house shouldn’t have the right to be the only ones to use those colors.

As of today, Gucci has filed a motion to dismiss Forever 21’s lawsuit and has filed their own lawsuit! The lawsuit is for copy writing infringement and unfair competition!

😩😩😩😩😩 nobody wins when the family feuds! Haven’t they learned anything from Jay-Z?

At this point, I am wondering why do Forever 21 even bothered? They have been sued by Diane Von Furstenberg, Adidas, and a list of others!

Gucci aren’t you the same person who jocked ole girls designs? 🙄🙄🙄 booooo nobody cares! -jesshillariousvc.


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