Copy Me,Copy Cat!

Copy Me,Copy Cat!

The copy cat syndrome is major throughout the fashion industry. It amazes me how blunt designers are when copying another designers style. Here you’ve boutique owners and designers complaining about something that happens every day in the major lead. Don’t believe me just keep reading below.
Rihanna designed a dope shoe line with puma by the name of Fenty. Check out some of her latest designs below

This is a trend that we saw Fenty design first and guess what Steve Madden did? Yep, they came out with the exact design!

Same style but Jefferey Campbell wanted a piece!

I will admit, I love Jefferey Campbell slides. The quality looks better than the others, but the fact still remains it’s a carbon copy.
Let’s take a look at Christian Louboutin. Louboutin was the first to come out with the red bottom heels. This designer shoes stand out because of their red bottoms it’s a unique style that sets them apart from other designers.

In April 2011, Louboutin sued Yves Saint Laurent because they believe that the French shoe label copied their red bottom trend. Over a course of time Louboutin drop the case against YSL because of the length of the court procedures. Louboutin copyrighted the red sole but it was only eligible if it was a red shoe with a red sole. Therefore, YSL was able to create shoes with red bottoms.

Forever 21 is a company that offers fast merchandise at a low price. This company is also known for copying designers styles.
Chinese manufacturing companies will see the latest designs and recreate the entire look at an affordable price. Once the look a like is created it’s then mass produced and sold to chain stores as well as small business owners. This copy cat syndrome is very real and it happens every day.
A fashion designer/blogger started a trend where she would write fake Hermes on cheap bags. Sonique started designing her bags because she wanted a Hermes but couldn’t afford one.The trend became so popular that she designed a fake Hermes bag for Amber Rose.


Sonique started a popular trend that Gucci had to get in on the mix.
Every great idea comes along with the territory and the fact of the matter brands copy brands. Fashion blogger recreates looks, I mean I am notorious for this as well. If you have a great idea, I suggest you expect to be copied!
-Style Spy

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