Girls Trip Review

Girls Trip Review

Let's be honest, we all have that one friend that's Ryan Pierce, Sasha Franklin, Dina, and Lisa Cooper. I believe that's the beauty of the movie because every woman can relate to it.


On this past Saturday night, my girlfriends and I went to see the movie. I am sure every group of women that are friends did the same thing. As we were watching the movie I was able to recognize each character trait in my own friends. I have a couple of friends who have Dina's personality.  Dina is the friend who is real no matter what and could care less what anyone thinks of her. I have learned a lot from my friend who shall remain nameless but she knows who she is.  Haha, this is the friend who taught me how to perfect my oral skills. (Saints, judge your mama, not me) This is also the friend who spikes our drinks at all of our game nights. lol, I am thinking I am just having some juice or wine and it's spiked. Needless to say, that was a sleepover night.

Then, you've Lisa Cooper. Immediately, I look over to my friend and said that's you. She doesn't have the same storyline such as divorce with kids but she has the same mannerisms as Lisa. I would say that she is a little more feisty than Lisa. However, in the scene where Lisa knocks the girl out, well that was my friend.

My other friend is a mixture of Dina and Sasha. Lol, she is loud and blunt. She doesn't care what anyone thinks. As a matter of fact, she called herself straightening me at the movie because our seats were on the first row at the bottom. I mean I hate sitting there also but we didn't have a choice.I politely handed her a miniature bottle and told her to enjoy the movie.

Then, you've my cousin who is very over protective of me. Lol, so we all know that she can relate to Dina when she caused that scene in the hotel with Ryan's husband. Yep, that's my cousin! Lol, she has also caused a few scenes with different men in my life. The last one well that's another blog for a later time.

At first, my friends tried to say that I am Sasha Franklin but I disagree. I know the blogging career is what they based it off. So as the movie continued on they saw some of Ryan in me.However, as my cousin would say I am not like that about a man because I would've been left. I can relate to Ryan because like most women, we will try and save a marriage or a relationship. I have become immune to putting on a good face for the world. I believe that every woman has a little bit of Ryan in them; at least my friends do.

Overall, I enjoyed my Saturday night with my best friends.The flossy posse reminded each of us of our group name which was the whore bags.

I am sure they're going to kill me for these throwback pictures but it's cool.

Meet the Whore bags, lol grrr, don't kill me saints! lol

I create some of the best memories with them.

P.S. It's some people who know the real you and no matter how much you try to front, they know the truth. Those people are my best friends aka. the whore bags.


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