National Free Lipstick Day!

National Free Lipstick Day!

On a normal Saturday morning, I would've to literally peel myself out of bed! However, free makes me move! Yesterday, I saw a news story that Mac would be giving away free lipstick and of course I couldn't resist! So here I am on the way to try and beat the lines or so I thought.

I arrived to the Avenues mall about 9:20am and I was greeted to a line of people! 😩😩😩😩 They beat me! I quickly hurry to the end of the line and waited impatiently for 10am.

As soon as 10am approached the Makeup artist announced they only had 119 Lipstick shades! I ended up being number 115! I barely made it!
Although, the cut off was 119. People were still coming in!
The good thing about waiting is you never know who you'll meet. While, I was waiting met this little cutie.
She loves camouflage and I love Paris but we both love LIPSTICK!

The only color left but beggars can't be choosy!

Thank you Mac!

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