Florida’s Next Top Model 2017 Highlights

Do you have what it takes to be Florida’s Next Model? I am sure you’ll are very familiar with the hit show Americas Next Top Model. However, the plot has twisted with Florida’s Next Top Model. Florida’s Next Top Model is founded by LeAmber Stephens. LeAmber started Florida’s Next Top Model because she wanted to create an event that gave models exposure. Stephens stated that as she grew her business,she notice the lack of opportunity and growth for models .Therefore, her purpose is to instill confidence in each model as well as push them to go higher. F.N.T.M is a competition that challenges each model to be their best and go higher than the norm. A group of models competed over a course of 24-weeks. On July 15, 2017, 10 models battled it out in hopes of becoming Florida’s Next Top Model. Check them out below:


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Top 10 Models: Audre’Ana, Tabresha, Kayla Moseley, Amaya, Dani Bee, Keaunnie Bryant, Shah Paulhill, Kiana lly, Kia Jones and Tylar Glover.

These 10 models battled it out each week by competing in several challenges. The different challenges are the Myth challenge, European Runway challenge, Art walk challenge, Photo shoot challenge, and a Commercial challenge. The myth challenged the models to stand out in a crowd of people. This challenge was inside a night club and the models had to stand out in the crowd. Now don’t take my word for it but I am sure this taught them how to own a room with a crowd of people. The winner of the myth challenge won the back cover of Chic Magazine. The next challenge that the models were rewarded was the art walk challenge. Each model had to collect emails for marketing the finale of the show. The model who collected the most emails won a $60.00 Mac gift card.

On July 15th, at the aloft hotel, the models battled it out; each model strutted it out and by the end of the show, I was clutching my invisible pearls. When I first arrived to the aloft hotel, I was greeted by the hostess and then taken to my seat. The event was decorated very nice and it was a sold out show. Literally, people were searching for seats and standing behind me. The host of the event was comedian Nod Ross, and model Ebony Murray.DSC00156

One of the most funniest parts in the show is when Nod Ross kicked off an strut competition. This allowed the audience to participate for a chance to win a twenty dollar gift card. Nod Ross told one of the contestant who was an older woman that he wasn’t wearing any socks with his slip on’s; In response, she stated that she wasn’t wearing any draws. LMBO, older women have so much spunk and could careless about what anyone thinks! I love it!


Once the show started,each model strutted and walked to an short bio which stated why they should become F.N.T.M.


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After this 5 models were eliminated.  The crowd and the models were shocked but it proved that they weren’t going based off popularity but who owned the runway. These models rocked different designers on the runway. The designers were Shamara Sloan, William Boston, Rex- D, Lunt Clothing Wear and Keenan Solomon.


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Each model was judged on their runway walk,poses and ability to own the crowd.  Once the show resumed 2 more models were cut and that left Tabresha, Kiana, and Kayla in the competition. The last three models to battle it out in hopes of becoming F.N.T.M. This was one of the hardest decisions that the judges had to make. Before, I get into the final details, I would like you to virtually meet the judges.

Kent Williams,Steve Fntm 2016, Leamber, Serina FNTM 2016, Mikecia, Shante Armstrong not pictured


Picking a winner was a hard decision and right before Stephens announced the winner, She said ” I can’t do it.” Her team deliberated and came back with a runner up. The runner up for F.N.T.M is Kiana.

Tabresha was extremely graceful throughout the entire show. She kept her poised and most importantly she worked the runway. Tabresha won a $1,000, a trip to N.Y.F.W and a meeting with BMG modeling agency. All the ladies in this competition did and excellent job! It takes a lot to go after something that you want; especially, in a room full of strangers that will judge you based of your walk and appearance. So with that being said Great Job!


-Style Spy 🙂






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