Screw you comfort zone

Screw you comfort zone

  Excuse me, I don’t need your permission! Many times people seek others for permission to do what God has place inside of them to do. I have realized that the only thing stopping me is me. One day I got sick of watching others living the dream that I desired. I didn’t get bitter but I became hungry. I stepped out of my comfort zone and started chasing my own dreams. Although, I am not where I want to be, I would like to say I am doing a DAMN (excuse my French) good job getting there. I promise I am humble and anyone that know me will vouch that I never take the time out to embrace my accomplishments. I just move on to the next goal that I have in mind. For some reason my brain is always on to the next thing. For a minute I need to celebrate ME! (Moment of silence) inserts confetti ?! I traveled to France for two weeks with a group of strangers, who turned out to be pretty amazing. I am an extrovert and a introvert which means I am usually shy around new people. However, I came out of my shell, lol I talked to as many strangers that I could. I had the time of my life while fulfilling one of my deepest desire,which was to go to Paris and see the Eiffel Tower! 
Then, I come back in town and leave out a couple days later to go camping with my EGL family. For those of you who don’t know I am the associate editor for the modern domestic section of is founded by Yandy Smith and Latoya Bond. Over the past weekend the entire team met for the first time and hung out. 

We were so LIT! We played bonding games and went ziplining! ??‍♀️? I have some great things coming that I won’t speak about but just know God is literally guiding me! You wouldn’t understand the length of this passage if you’ve never had to watch everyone be blessed while you’re still crying out for a miracle. If you never had to pray for others and see your prayers go through for them but still hopeless await on your own to be answered then you won’t understand…One day I will tell the world more about my long road to success but today I am embracing the moment. Although, nothing will humble you like having a lit three weeks and have to return back to your 9 to 5! One day soon this lit life will be full time! 

Yandy Smith

-The Style Spy 

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